Saturday, October 18, 2008

GPF 2008 Day 1 Part 2: Community Service Project at Taman Bukit Angkasa, Kampung Kerinchi, KL.

While waiting for the arrival of the VIP, the volunteers were entertained by speeches from representatives from various countries.
L- delegate from Thailand
R- delegate from Next, was the arrival of Daniel Lee, our second Malaysian Idol..thought he was singing for us.. but he was telling stories on what is peace..
for his die hard fans, i had included ALL his photos here..
He was not the actual VIP... So, in order to delay the time, he was asked to play a game with the volunteers. Instead of game, it turned to be a singing of GPF song.
These were the two lucky person to be invited on stage
Out of sudden, in the middle of the singing, the VIPs arrived 'dengan iringan alunan kompang Melayu'. Then, the singing stopped while every1 stood up and greeted the VIPs. Pity Daniel~
Dr.Hyun Jin Moon , the founder of GPF greeted all the audience..One Family Under God..Aju!!
The first official speech was delivered by Daniel, the ambassador of Peace
Followed by speech from Datuk Haji Salleh, Ketua Pengarah DBKL
We move to the front so that we can take clearer pictures
Next, was the speech from this man...who is him?
L- Followed by introduction of the GPF and its founder by Dr. Teh Su Thye, the Director for Global Peace Festival 2008.. I was more interested in knowing him instead. He was the person who reply to my registration to this event.
After an inspiring speech, Dr. Hyun grabbed some of the participants to shout the slogan for GPF. The right picture was the delegate from Japan.
He also grabbed Daniel Lee...he looked so tiny beside Dr.Hyun + kiddy
Dr. Hyun was actually present to close the event of the day.
sea of people from different countries different universities different background
some big group of students
L- MF, Alvin and Me
R- Me and Yen Ching from KTAR
The delegate from UCSI
L- Me and Lai Teng R- This bunch of guys was doing the jumping shot
The complete group photo of UCSI delegates.. new member here was Phang from A- Level
This was the first day event. Hmm.. I couldn't contact to my Group 7 team leader as she kept my T-shirt and she would not come for tomorrow event. She was seen nowhere since the lunch break. For those who know her, Adeline doing A level in HELP, pls ask her to contact me. I want the full list of my group members and she has it. All photos were taken by:
Alvin using Fujifilm s6500fd
MF using Panasonic f7
My camera? Can't zoom into far let the pro camera handle all..


reena said...

omg i wanna go but i cant..
but having fun in cusa as well..

KwOnG FeI said...

you miss out a lot of fun ...
i haven post the second day..
it just greAt!~

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