Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Retreat: Home = Food paradise

I went back home for a night after 'invitation' last week. If I do not do so, I won't be coming back for the whole month as the crucial period of each semester had just started. Of course, I make sure I have completed something before deciding to leave.
I bring along my alarm clock together as I do not want any untoward incident that may make me lose the valuable time. Upon reaching home, the first thing I do is to open the refrigerator and looks for food. Haha. Not disappointing me, I saw many chocolates in the fridge. The others like fruits and vegetables as usual occupied the fridge all time. I treated myself with a glass of Tesco Cola filled with ice cubes. Next, is to move to my room and switch on the air cond. I miss the cool air very much. The hot and stuffy environment in condo really unbearable. But, what to do? No choice.
Forgot to mention, I had a bread fest in the afternoon. I found myself a small eater in the morning that I needed to wait till 12 ++ to start eating the bread. The first few slices already enough to fill my stomach. However, the expiry date of the jumbo bread was yesterday and I had no choice to finish it latest by today in whatever way. It was so suffering and I spent a lot of time too. Eating slice by slice and kept telling myself..'aiya, just few mores to finish all'. I am not going to tell the exact slices of bread here, if not you will labeled me as crazy. I was indeed.
I had my dinner with as usual big portion of vegetables. Today, there is no meats. I guess my mom have no time to defrost the chicken due to my last minute decision. Aiya, miss the 'kampung' chicken. Instead, it was replaced with a large plate of purple coloured cabbage bought from Cameron Highlands and another plate of fried green peas & others vege. For the soup, today menu is bak kut teh with boiled eggs.
My house is always happening and it's good time for me to destress. My 'rich' sis had recently bought a new MyVi ( x sure the price) and a new exercise machine (RM 300 +-). Haiz.. it is useless for her to bought the exercise machine as she never succeeded in any exercise programme she attended or she drafted previously. The new car plate number was the same as my wira of course not coincidentally, but you need to pay for it (RM 300 ++ including service charge).
Today, Jun Jun had his hair cut. Her mum had teach her how to speak 'cut hair' and try to make him feel enjoy for the event. It really looked like mission succeeded as he was happily calling my sis to cut his hair and undress himself. (He still yet to speak fluently & only speaks few words) The initial plan had failed. Just as the machine started to operate, he started to cry. Well, it is always normal for kids to cry when cutting their hair. So, a tag team of 4 people are needed for this mission. One sis as the hair stylist, his mum as entertainer, his father to hold him in the position and another also as entertainer. Toys and small fans are used to distract him. It really worked. So, the whole event was cry laugh cry laugh with cry time predominant over laugh time. (looked like i am making an equation)
This baby boy had recently learn how to answer "Whats your name?' and What is your age?'. He will called out his name Jun and a high pitch of Jun. His answer depends on the mood. If he feel like not telling, he will answer 'papa', 'mama' or whatever name u ask him to say except his name. For the age, he will showed up his finger projecting up from normal relax position and showed up 3 tiny fingers. Yes.. 3 because he could not lift only 2 fingers, he need more time to learn that.
As usual, he always call me in a weird way 'kau fuuuuuuuuuuuu'. The fuu is in high pitch and very very long be4 he stopped. Luckily, it is not in shopping complex, I had the embarrassed time previously.
Another reason for home coming is to take my socks. I forgot to bring back previously. I have also has new stocks of dry foods to be taken back. I am going to turn fat soon.
That's all for now. Hope for a brighter tomorrow and enjoyable session of revisioning. If possible, do rain more please at about 3-5 pm and at night time.


Shu Yi said...

I wonder where is ur hometown and where is ur USCI U?

KwOnG FeI said...

haha my hometown is in kL..
USCI U is located in cheras .. can check at www.ucsi.edu.my
at strategic location..
15 minutes to Mid valley, 30 minutes to my house, 7 mins to leisure mall, 15 minutes to Sri petaling, 25 mins to KLCC, 25 mins to Zoo Negara, 20 minutes to Bukit Bintang via short route..whats more ar?? enuff ar??

DAI said...

u can write something this long with good English as well.. thumbs up for you. did you took that pic?

thank you for commenting on my not-so-good blog eh??

i appreciate it..

KwOnG FeI said...

haha.. just bumped to a topic to my interest..so, i leave a comment.. it recall my those days..haha

i didnt take any pics as I think if i do it, it look like very stupid.. haha..plus i do nothing than observing them

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