Thursday, October 16, 2008

Police beat closed; scared of criminal threat and contagious disease

WoW! Time to clap hand again...bodohland part 2... (part 1 is datuk shah rukh khan)
According to the Star, a police beat base in the Chow Kit was closed down because the Home Affairs Ministry through Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar calimed the place as unsafe for potentail criminal threat and possibility of being exposed to contagious disease. They named the place as dirty area.
Well, first of all. Let's look back to the histroy. Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Chow Kit and etc was once famous as centre of trades and businesses located in the heart of KL city. 51 years..a very long period indeed.. sad thing to accept that the GOVERNMENT namely the DBKL has failed to restore the glory of the location as what once it belong to. Every 1 know that place is famous for vice and heavily infested with foreigners especially the Indons and Banglas. The place has lost their identity and now is no longer a place to visit but a place to stay away. Who fault it is to be? No one shall be put in blame, BUT the DBKL shall do something to revert the current scenario. We cant let the foreigners ..wonder they have legal permit or nt.. to make use the place as their base. How the Malays especially those from Kampung Baru nearby going to compete with the Indons with much lower salary for their business?
One shall feel in strange when walking around the Chow Kit area. Too many Indons everywhere can be spotted. Do you feel safe to be there? If you 'terjalan salah' especially at the night time to the backlanes, you can see many pretties regardless of male or female posing along the street. I myself had went through such experience at night but not at Chow Kit, it's at Bukit Bintang area. It's really disgusting!!
Here comes the funny thing. Police beat was closed down because of fear of safety. OMG!! If the police are scare and worry about the safety, how bout the citizens staying around the area? HEY..we, the normal citizen has no police..if there is a safety threat... you still have your gun to protect yourself. You have the authority to detain any suspects and even the handcuff. What do we own? We only have handphone to call 999 in case of emergency... that also need to wait very long and depend on severity of cases.
contagious disease? If this is the case, there will be NO doctor in this world..caused doctors are the easiest group to be transmitted due to the contact.. NO hospital will then accept contagious disease cases..bravo to Datuk Syed Hamid for making such statement@~~
This is what Dr Mohd Hatta said during the debate in parliament:
“The minister has to resign if he is worried about the safety of police in that area. Maybe it would be better to put the beat base in army barracks”. “The police are there to make a place safe. If they themselves are scared and run away, then how can we hope for others to want to be there? “It is embarassing and that is why the criminals will always be there,” he said.
I strongly agreed to the point that police based should be build in army barracks. 100% guarantee safe! My suggestion is that if you scare of safety, you should build a BIGGER base or build police station at existing premises available PLUS add MORE polices working in any period of time. AND not RUNAWAY!!! We shall made those criminers fear of the place and NOT let the criminal chase the people away!
Haiz.. The Home Minister has been giving a lot of illogical excuses since holding this portolio. This thing never happened during his time as Foreign Minister. My good impression to you has gone. Remember what he said for detention of the newspaper reporter?--> its because of fear of her safety which mean ISA is no longer for country safety but its for personal safety. When comes to Teresa Kok, the police instead asked her to increase her own security..but this time ISA is not used to protect her safety. WEIRd...weird... bodohland...Malaysia Boleh!!!
hand of applause to all MALAYSIANS!

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shaxx said...

that is really sad. the first thing that i know about KL was Chow Kit and now it is a dirty place... I blame it on DBKL...

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