Thursday, October 16, 2008

Farewell present to our dear Mr Jony and Ms Shruti..opinions needed!!

Hey all.. i didnt ask for this job.. but i was asked to do them a favor.. the team who went to buy the present from memory lane had purchased below items. They need you comments as we pay for it and we are classmates! Leave your comments here.
This photo frame is for Ms Shruti. OK? (Q1)
Costs: RM 41.90 This photo frame is for Mr Jony. It is ok? (Q2)
Since the colour of the frame is black and white, do you think we shall print the class photo in colour or balck & white? (Q3)
Costs: RM 44.90 the two gifts
Plz give your valuable feedback if you really care for both lecturers! Btw, both photo frame is for 4R picture..
Plz do help the buyer team. A constructive comment will help them a lot. *Do NOT let the lecturers know what we are buying for them.


vkvun said...

A1 and A2) both photo frames are nice. match their body size.haha. shruti, being thin, have a small photoframe.

A3) i dont think blank and white is nice. colour will be better

A4)pen is nice. as in lecturers need pen.haha

Q1) are we going to have a farewell party??

vkvun said...

maybe can buy a 'jambak' of flower for ms shruti.just a suggestion

Jasmine said...

Yup, the photo frames are nice, especially Ms. Shtuti one, haha! I prefer the photo to be colour photo as well; to brighten up the photo frame. =) Parker pen is ok, because it's practical and they can always use it.Is it possible to carve their names on the pen? If it is, that will be more meaningful. =)

KwOnG FeI said...

oops.. due to some misunderstanding..there isnt any pen.. the buyer team only want to get feedback for the photo frames they had purchased..
i think it is a good idea to have bouquet of flower to ms shruti~ agreed to vun..

Miao Miao said...

both photo frames are nice.
Print colour class photo, if can put some 'wordings' more meaning full.

p/s - don't worry, I won't tell them that you guys are buying something for them.

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