Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Water Pipe Leaked- Chronology of event, 1-2 July 2008

To celebrate the eve of July, UCSI has sent a number of students sponsored by JPA to invade Angkasa Condo and it was so 'lucky' that the target is Block C. I was told by Mr Terry that the number of units is only 6 which is hardly to accept looking the the number of the newcomers together with their families. However, the good thing is that they are locals, 99% Malays and 1% Chinese as far as to what I seen. +ve : Might be the JPA students replaced the African continent students, so less number of them here. -ve : The traffic for waiting the lift increased both in number and time. Hurray to my frens at 21st floor. To celebrate the 1st day of July, Angkasa Condo has a small celebration which is the Water Festival. Listed are the chronology of the event and others: 12.oo pm - Start watching series drama Chapter 1 and uploading PHC photos. ~2.10 pm - The pipe started to leak when I just decided to have my lunch after watching series drama. At about 10 minutes after the leakage and nobody seem to care of it. I speed up my steps and headed to the guards. I told them the incidence and the 2 guards called for technician. Degree of leakage: 9 , Sound : 6 , Splash : 4 ~2.30 pm- Technician came. Repair work done after an hour. The stupid thing is they did not open back the water supply. ~5.00 pm - Water supply is back. Was too obsessed with the drama. Thought everything is OK, so bath later la. The uploading of photos failed. Need to start a new operation again. ~ 6.00 pm - Pipe leaked again. Housemate was just to go for dinner. This time I was lazy to see the guards again. Made request to my housemate to inform the guards. Degree of leakage: 10 , Sound : 6 , Splash : 6 ~ 6.40 pm- This time the technicians took a very long time to come. They made the repair. When they switch on the water supply, it leaked again. So, they made another repair. It took about 90 minutes for the repair and again the water supply was not reconnect. ~ 8.10 pm - It was exp increase time in Cabal. Logged in and played. Did not really concentrate as I was using old skills and was chatting msn all the times. ~ 8.30 pm- Housemate cant tahan without water. She run away from the house to her fren's home. ~9.10 pm - Went to Michael house. Haih only able to play for an hour. I had to get my dinner ordered thru him and bath as well. Was too smelly as well. ~9.40 pm- Reached home and ate my dinner. ~ 9.50 pm - Logged in to the game. Inventory full, need to sell items to npc which was far away. need to reply msn chatting . dunno why quite a lot. ~10.00 pm - argg.. the exp over. need to wait the next day. ~ 12.30 ++ am - Water supply was reconnected. Brushed teeth and washed my face. ~1.00 am - stopped playing games and concentrate on my blog. ~ 3.00 am - Was about to sleep. Managed to boil water for tomolo drinking water. ~3.15 am - Leakage again@ This time the leakage was a small one. I was already in bed. So, I was in dilemma whether to go inform the guards or nt at that time. Keep hoping thr is someone who will inform the guard. Degree of leakage: 4 , Sound : 3 , Splash : 2 ~ 3.53 am - Guards arrived. They were talking so loud on the walkie talkie. Heard them saying 'bocor', 'tutup', 'bahagian bawah punya'. No technician come. The worst thing was that they never shut the water supply and it continue to leak till the morning. Although the leakage was small but it was still waste of water. ~ 7. 25 am - ARGGG LEAKAGE aGAIN!! awake by the leaks. Took the photos. Degree of leakage: 6 , Sound : 9 , Splash : 9
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
~ 7. 50 am - Blog this super nice event. Guards arrived but dont understand why they didnt turn off the water supply. Jason who stays at the same floor, 3A do not experience the disruption of water supply. According to him, the leakage happened last week and was repaired within a day. ~ 8.30 am - Degree of splash of water increased to 9.9. Snap this photo.

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~8.40 am - Just few minutes after the photo, the leakage out of sudden become small. Should be someone turn off the water supply. Degree of leakage: 2 , Sound : 2 , Splash : 2 ~9.00 am - Re-sleep again. Hopefully lasts for at least an hour. ~9.50 am- Repair done. ~10.55 am - Water supply is back. Hope thr is no more leakage@!

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