Sunday, September 28, 2008

Teresa Kok home attacked with molotov cocktail

OMG! When i first get to know this news, this is what i said. Am i still living in Malaysia? What happen to the mentality of the people till they use such resort in showing their dissatisfaction?
This stupid idiot job is believed to be linked with certain party that is facing their own internal political tsunami. I just dun understand how can a person act above their own religion. Hey, it is now the Ramadhan, the holy month! Should the molotov cocktail burst, it may cause injuries!!
Who is a Teresa Kok? Let's not look to her political career. She is a woman , of coz.. and the idiots are attacking her and her family with elderly people! What a GAY job of the idiots! Be gentlemen, check your **** and make sure you have it. Be a man and act gentlemen way to resolve a problem.
I am in doubt whether we may achieve the Vision 2020 or not. Since 'postponement' had been used quite frequent nowadays, we may also see postponement to Vision 2050. The UMNO GE has been postponed to next March claiming for smooth transition of power. Well, it just an excuse~ The main reason is to solve the internal party and how to face the heightened pressure to ask HIM to step down. You know politican, when they lost, they have no face to step down immediately. So, they come out with so called transition people. Meantime, they can 'try' rebuild the party so when they resigned later, ppl wont labeled them as loser or main factor of defection. Same goes to the Woman wing where transition power will be held in June 2009. Come on, be rational. GE will be make in Mac.. and after few months.. you make the transition of power. Then, why dont at the first place you dont contest? Reason is malulah, coz nt chosen as Minister and had served so long bt was ashamed in such a way. That's why both never condemned each other on transition of power..they too facing the same thing and doing the same thing. While DSAI has promised the take over of Govern will be 16 Sept..yea today date is 29 Sept..postponement again. Well, such big event in the history of the country need time.. So, just be patient and see~
Back to Teresa, from her blog, you may see that she is well accepted by the Muslims. So, Utusan Malaysia should stop making allegations she is the 'pemusnah dan pencetus isu perkauman'. Talk on something new and not the dog food again~ It's alwiz hard to be a politician that you must bear all the allegations that will tarnish your image.
As for me, I feel pity to her. Be strong and continue to serve the Rakyat! We know what you do and will alwiz support you!
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