Thursday, September 4, 2008

Endocrine Final Lab: Chromatography, Tuesday, 2/9/08

Detection of steroid samples using thin layer chromatography.
The spots on the chromatography paper will be visualized using the 254 nm UV light
Interesting facts for every one about our Malaysian identity card. In the centre of our IC, there is actually a trace of your picture (luminescence) only can be seen under UV light. Thanx for the two subjects in volunteering their IC in order for me to tell you about this discovery. For my classmates, guees who are them?
After the mobile phase has been eluted trough the stationary phase at aboout 90 %, the chromatogram is dried and viewed under UV light. P/s joanne: I got take the correct picture ~ Then, Ms Wendy, a very helpful lab assistant will spray the blue tetrazolium solution so that violet colour spots will be viable.
Again, the chromatogram will be dried.
The result of chromatogram ready to be analysed. Aiks..which means another lab report!!~~

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