Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Pasar Ramadhan, Taman Melawati

Finally, I managed to visit Pasar Ramadhan in conjunction of Hari Raya Puasa. Stalls are set up as early as 3 pm and the tradition night market alike is packed around 5 pm. The only difference is after 7 pm, they will start pack off their stuffs. If you are thinking to pay a visit, go EARLY..preferably 4 pm..or nt, get yourself enjoyed of being 'sardine' all the time.

Thinking of car parks? Well, there will be no car parks as all are full till the stretch of roads nearby..and know wat... this is the time which you will never get summoned for 'park as you like'. (you should know the reason). Another thing to highlight is the prices are extremely CHEAP.. you will never get such at Chinese pasar malam. In terms of quality, you judge by yourself~...my mom gets diarrhea after eating and since then she never eat foods from pasar ramadhan unless it is something still hot. But for me, it never happens till now.

Roti John.. long breads with eggs, mayo and chicken
RM 3.30

Nasi Kerabu (my favourite).. blue rice with some special sauces, taugeh, meats slices and keropok
RM 2.00

Fried chicken and stick of fishball
Rm 1/stick or chicken...CAN you Believe it? Hot sales!!!

Nasi lemak with kerang/ vast choices (sotong, udang, ayam etc)
RM 1

kuih tako RM 2 for 5 pieces

Putu piring
RM 2 for 4 pieces

Wet popiah
RM 2 for 4 popiahs

Murtabak ayam
RM 2 per piece

onde onde
RM 2 for 4 pieces

Fresh juice drinks: RM 1 per cup (Some claim they use the tap water. Is that true? Comment plz)
Ayam percik roasted: RM 2.50 each (nt whole bird)
Kuewtiew/mee goreng : RM 1.50 -2.00 (depend on the stalls)
Roti goreng : RM 1.50 each
Nasi ayam berempah : RM 3.50
Kuih jala : Rm 0.50 each
Mee soup : Rm 3.50

Well, this is how i enjoyed my previous Sunday. And everything is FOC!! So hang fook~

Pasar Ramadhan Taman Melawati,
Car park opposite to old post office,
Bandar Tiga, Taman Melawati,
53100 Kuala Lumpur. (considered as KL but under MPAJ)

* If I put the name wrongly, plz plz kindly let me know. TQTQTQTQ~


Belinda said...

BLUE RICE!!!..haha..your favourite summoreee?? when i first saw dat straight i remember our conversation during sem 1..when thien jian say wanna bring us to eat blue rice in KB..haha..BLUE RICE!!..gosh..

KwOnG FeI said...

hm... is it blue or green rice?
i macam ingat green rice leh??
anyway she lied to us..
she forgot alrdy..

Katherine said...

Hey, u shud try the nasi kerabu in KT. Really nice. My fav too!

KwOnG FeI said...

Really..that means u should tar pau for me when back KL..
nasi kerabu..yummy~

Anonymous said...

i'm glad that chinese like nasi kerabu. saya malay pon x brape nak minat. haha. i didn't know that buah melaka is onde2. haha malunye

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