Tuesday, September 9, 2008

HapPy BiRthDay to ChRistiNe FoO!~

Today is the birthday of my friend and my housemate, Christine. She's 22 years old this year, old enough for her to stop being choosy and decide her Mr. Right.
30 minutes be4 the official birthday (00.01 am 9/9/08), I was awakened by Joanne from my prolong unconsious nap. I am very blurred at that time. She knocked my door and entered to my room while I still on bed. Then, she switched on the light, closed the door and started to tell me about the planning by Jasmine i supposed. My condition at that time was shocked on the sudden wake by her and OMG i overslept!! Well, I knew we are having a celebration for her. But, I never expect that I continued my sleep after the last waking call from Christine at about 8++ to acknowledge me my tar pau food is outside. On top of that, I didn't set my alarm coz I dunno when she will be back to deliver my food, so just wait for her in dat case. Argg, Joanne and others went to KFC for dinner, I missed the KFC chickens so much~(although McD seems a better option now, I think the their chicken is better in term of less additives added). I turned down the invitation as I had a painful mouth ulcers developed recently and I am very tired. Recent continuous run of quizzes had disrupted my biological Circadian rhytm. I tend to sleep even 'more' late and tend to be more energetic at night time. The junk foods i bought for a total cost of rm 15 contribute to the mouth ulcers. I knew i will be fighting with the exam war, so I prepared myself with the food a week earlier in case mouth itchiness occured. Normally, when you are in stress, you may tend to eat more. Less water drinking and more Ali Baba foods are also the contributing factors.
Back to the celebration day, we are in short of ideas on how to give her a suprise, to be exact except me as I just woke up. Initial plan has disrupted a bit since she opened her door so we cant do it secretly wihtout her knowledge. So, they came out with a plan B. While waiting for the time to come, I ate my late dinner. Nasi lemak rendang ..not bad but the rice has become very dry. While I was eating, MF had alerted me from outside. So, then I informed Joanne who opened the door for them. Now, here come the most surprise event that make me blog this ('adjunctive' factor). I was eating at that time and expecting to see my friends face or to be exact MF first. While i was biting the chicken, my door opened and I saw a stranger smiling to me and entered into my room. What a shock! Then, another stranger came in. Both are girls and unfamiliar to me. I am stunted at that point of time wondering who are them and why they entered my room. Am I dreaming?? The next moment (it happened very fast), I finally saw my friends and one guy which I had seen be4 and is Wilfred housemate. Then, only I know the strangers are Wildred's hosuemates or Christian church gangs.
They all are in my room. Total of 8 or 9. And i was eating my dinner watched by them. Wat a weird scenario. Cakes are ready and plan is also ready to be executed. Main problem comes. Where is the lighter for the candles? As 'usual', Wilfred hold it. They tried to sms him but couldnt reached as his phone has NO vibrator as told by Jasmine later. They then called Jasmine. Both Jasmine and Wilfred are in Christine's room at that time. Ok. now we have our lighter on hands. JY who has being stationed at the house' power supply turn it off. Me and Jonnne then walked to Cristine room and prompted her for the cut of electrical supply. Then, I told her ..it was meant to be a joke.... 'her com may have virus that caused the shut down'..and she seemed to believe..hahahahhahahahahaha :)
The whole bunch of people then sneaked quietly from my room to her room. After some silly talking at the power supply meant to delay the time, I then switched it on. I was thinking the planned shall not work when the door is opened and extraordianry large amount of shoes are outside. Christine walked back to her room and SURPRISE..we made it! TEars down from her.
HaPPY BirtHDAY to you, ChRistINE@!!!
L- Christine and her 'nai nai', R- The happY FamIly of 6th fLooR
The gals~
Together with 21st fLoOR residents
And continue with 7th FloOR
With bunch of phArmAcy sTudeNtS!
Secret Recipe cake of different flavours..
There are actually 4 candles indicating 2 + 2 = 22
The day does not end there. While most of them headed back to their home to do reports, some remained to further chit-chatting with Christine. Well, as for me, I continued my very late DINNER. Last but not least..
sheng ri kuai le!!!!

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