Friday, September 12, 2008

Teresa Kok and news reporter are the latest detained while Ahmad is a free man! OMG!

Teresa Kok, Sin Chew reporter arrested under ISA
Source: TheStar
DAP's Teresa Kok is the latest to be arrested under Section 73 (1) if the ISA Friday. Kok, who is Seputeh MP and also assemblyman for Kinrara, was arrested at 11.20pm Friday. Deputy IGP Tan Sri Ismail Omar confirmed Kok's arrest.
Earlier, Sin Chew Daily News reporter Tan Hoon Cheng was arrested from her home in Taman Permai in Bukit Mertajam at 8.40pm Friday. Family members said they were told that she would be taken to the Bandar Perda police station in Seberang Jaya. Ismail Omar said she was also arrested under Section 73 (1) of the ISA.
Tan, who is Mass Communications graduate from Universiti Sains Malaysia, has been a journalist for nine years. She had reported on former Bukit Bendera division Umno chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail's alleged racist remarks while campaigning for the Permatang Pauh by-election. The arrest comes on the same day that Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin was detained, also under the ISA.
OMG!!! Why Teresa Kok is detained? What had she done? She is the MP for Seputeh and DUN for Kinrara. Her contribution for the country is uncountable and she is the prominent leader in DAP as well as Selangor state government. She does not deserve to be treated as in this way? How come PM can sign the ISA detention letter? Does he ever think the consequences?
Next, why is the Chinese reporter be detained? What kind of country is this? While Ahmad is just being punished with 3 years suspension, the reporter who reports the truth had to be detained and worse still under ISA? On what ground the government take the action??? It is ridiculous! Why Ahmad is not detained under ISA for causing racist remarks?
OMG! Our country has transformed into a state of NO freedom and NO human rights! Why the ISA is so easy being issued?
To the God, we shall pray! May our country bless with peace in the coming days~~I cannot expect what would happen. Racist sentiment has reached its heighest tension and now it is the issues of freedom and the truth.
May some one able to undo of those ridiculous act by changing the current government ASAP. I hope he himself will not fall into the same fate. To Muhyideen, be firm to what you think is correct and good for UMNO and the country. I hope you will be safe in these coming days.
Btw, look at the time they were detained. Why detention is at night? The polices are working OT? Why cant step by step measuremnet be taken be4 ISA is issued?
Can any one tell me why Teresa Kok is detained under ISA??

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Anonymous said...

I am not too sure..some conflicting reports are coming in at this point,she is belived to have spoken in a wipe out the malay race...if,the chinese are attacked (not too sure,what it is)...I am thinking,she was merely responding to ahmad's remark on chinese are trying to manipulate the poltics..and malays will hit back....still,not very clear...I guess,we have to wait.after the week-end to have more clearer picture

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