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Spectrum Pharmacy, GK, Setapak- My non Rx clerkship

Well, let's begin with some introduction. This Non Rx clerkship is part of the subject's module which carries 7.5 marks out of total 100 in my final. For this round of attachment, I only find one place (pharmacy) and succeded for acceptance. I recalled back during Aseptic Dispensing attachment which I struggled to search pharmacy nearby my area namely GK, Wangsa Maju, Gombak and Melawati. Thanx for Mr.Zaino, an UM graduate who is the pharmacist in charge for accepting me! Thanx for Spectrum Pharmacy too especially to the BOSS.
It was me at the prescription counter.
Mr. Zaino and I. Mr. Zaino is a very good and ethical pharmacist. Throughout the clerkship, he has taught me a lot of things, basically all the Poison C drugs available at the pharmacy. Besides that, he also emphazised on the good dispensing practice which he strongly hold till now and against any unethical practice such as selling of codeine and drugs to induce menses (for those who are thinking of abortion).
It was me doing the case study with one of the patients. It was extremely hard to find a patient that will spend their time to do the Patient Customer Database, Patient Medical History and Pharmaceutical Care Issues. However, glad I was able to do so.
The prescription counter. Spectrum Pharmacy is well known for the residents in the community for CHEAP price. Indeed, it is. I was exposed on how to do stock control and how to set the pricing. The prices are fixed but yet remain low as the management only fixed as low as XX % for profits. So, they prices are considered as discounted prices and thus the management do not do any special promotion or marketing.
This is the Poison C cabinet
L- Poison B cabinets (ntg much to learn as most are prescription medicines)
R- Poison C cabinets (creams)
This is the patient counselling area. However, it seem that it was never use be4 and instead changed to sort of storage room. It look better because I cleaned the place be4 i took this pic. Forgot to mention, I was so lucky that Mr Zaino allowed to take pictures compared to the previous Vitacare Pharmacy which is more strict.
Toiletries section
Vitamins, herbal and food supplement sections. Get to know from Mr. Zaino that Himalaya is the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world.
Over the counter (OTC) drugs
Rehabilitation and medical equipments
Refrigerator.. Beside it, there is a weighing machine. I had the chance to help calculate BMI for a patient intended to go for a weight loss.
Womens section
Toiletries section
Physical layout
Summary of the clerkship.
Dates: 21, 22, 23, 29, 30 August 20o8
Things I have learnt/done:
1. How to be a good pharmacists?
2. How to practice good dispensing?
3. What are the role of pharmacists in different fields (community, industy, hospital,
4. How to handle arrival of new stocks?
5. Calculate BMI for patients.
6. Patient counselling tips.
7. Management of illnesses with pharmacological and non pharmacological therapy.
8. Help to dispense medications
- Calculate tablets and capsules using counting tray, writing indications, codes of price and frequency of dose as well as explaining the label to patients
9. Interview patient for case study.
10. Patient counseling of minor cases and recommend suitable drugs.
- No doubt this clerkship has develop and boost my confidence in handling real patients. I felt like I alrdy become a pharmacist. The patients give trust to you and seek for proessional advice for their health problems. I dispense mostly expectorant, antitussive, NSAIDS, and antihistamine. To be exact, only these drugs. The rests are high level management which will be handle by Mr. Zaino. Not to forgot, quite many of Postinor 2 (morning after pill) and the buyers are mostly students.
11. Filling of cream, tagging price
12. Perform blood glucose test using 2 different brands of glucometer on patients which are OneTouch (used in the pharmacy) and Accuchek (from the patient).
- Explain on how to operate the glucometer, the results as well as ways to reduce the glucose level
** Pictures of glucometer will be uploaded soon.
13. Record the dispensing pattern at the pharmacy.
Some memories.
1. Mr. Zaino is quitting his job as community pharmacist at the end of the month. (Glad he still managed to teach me a lot of things). Madam Yap, the cashier with about 10 years working experience at the pharmacy break down tears a week ahead of the last week. According to her, Mr. Zaino is the best pharmacist among all previous pharmacists and is well known among the customers for his courtesy, kindness and moderations. I really do not know how to face this touched moment as it occured out of sudden. The tears form Mdm. Yap induced Mr Zaino to follow. Try imaging the scenario where both of them are down with tears and I was left standing aside, not knowing how to response...
2. Mdm. Yap treated both of us teh tarik on one morning. Forgot which date, TQ!
3. An old Chinese lady went to us looking for nerve pain relief. After that, she walked slowly towards the entrance. At the door, her left hand was used to push the door while her right hand was touching towards the end corner of the door (at the joints). While the door is opened, without realizing, her right hand was stuck in btw the joint area. Mdm Yap shouted from the cashier counter. But, it was to late to discover. The old lady had alrdy stucked her middle finger (if nt mistaken) in btw the joints. She then quickly pulled out her fingers. She then left the place. Mdm Yap then told us the incidence cause we were asking her why out of sudden she screamed. Moments later, the old lady came back and asking us for help. She had been bleeding profusely and we were shocked with the incidence. I brought her to the sink to wash away the blood. She had a deep cut. But, when we asked her whether it is pain or nt, she said No.. Not a surprise, as old ppl tend to have less sensory as their nerve system are somehow degraded/weakened slowly. I asked her to raised up her hand to prevent more blood oozing out. But the problem as (not mentioned earlier), she don't und our language. She cant speak Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay and English. I nt mistaken, she was speaking Hakka. Arggh.. I need to use sign language. Surprisingly, there is no first aid kits available at the pharmacy. So, Mr Zaino took some gauzes and the gauze roller from the OTC shelves. Then, he took neomycin sulphate cream from the cabinet and applied some on the finger before wrapping with the gauze. Afer evrything kau tim, the old lady continuosly thanks us for the help. The leftovers of gauzes, roller and cream were given to lady and Mr Zaino paid using his OWN money.
Next, Mdm Yap noticed that her husband was waiting outside since the beginning of the incident. She then told us:
' Last time, when me and my husband were couples, he alwiz said he will take care for the rest of my life. Now, when we walked together.. I walk one side, he walk another side. Like what had happened, how come the husband was waiting outside and do not enter together with his wife. She walked so slow, the man should have helped her. At least, accompany her.. She was bleeding and she is his wife.'
4. Conflicts of interests..sensitive..cant write here...
5. One morning, I saw chew and chee hong while walking to the pharmacy. Long time didnt get to see chew and he has changed a lot. Will contact him soon for some counselling.
6. On dunno which day, Kim Hui parents came to my pharmacy..haha.. not Ms Wong.. quite a shock to see them coz they had shifted to PJ long time alrdy. Uncle was saying 'hey, that is kwongfei'. Auntie replied ' R u sure? It is him? '. Uncle replied 'it looks familiar' (sound like me, look like VK Lingam). Without further delay, I greeted them and said yea I am who I am..haha.. Auntie was looking for Difflam. From her, then only I knew Difflam has two colours red with antibacerial while green without.. So nervous when trying to get the drugs becoz i am not familiarized with the location. (from Ah Mei, i get to know got purple..) Die die also i will rmb. Haha..
7. On the 1st dya of attachment, a sales rep lady was trying to market Glucophage extended release in which it can be taken one daily compared to conventional twice daily dosing. Since, Mr Zaino was busy, she then explained all the indications, benefits, pharmacokinetics and clinical studies to me NON STOP. I had no choice to act like an expert to listen to her altough most of the explainations are within the understanding of me. She is a very aggresive type, making me to recall Mr. Jony of the role of marketing sales person. It seems to be very truth and I had experience it. The lady gave me her name card and a brochure on the product.
8. One day, while there was no customer. Mdm Yap was listening to the radio. The DJ was asking the listeners what are the 6 punctuations? And of coz, prizes will be given..RM 100 voucher... Mdm Yap being in the book industry for YEARS (more than 10) definitely knew the answer. She jumped here and there, walked here and thr, correcting the answer given by others together with the DJ. She had earlier wanna call the DJ to answer but she had no idea whats the phone number was.
Overall, I love this clerkship as I learnt a lot on community pharmacists and drugs especially Poison C. That was why my clerkship period was always filled with activities. Every single break time, either me or Mr Zaino will initiate a topic to be discussed. If not, Mdm Yap will come to do so. Haha..
Thanx very very much to Mr Zaino for your guidance!! Good luck for your new place, new field and new experience at the Royce Pharmaceuticals. Study well and do read more books on the industry~ Thank you to Mdm, Yap for making the humours throughout my clerkship. Thank you Ms Wong too for your guidance!
Spectrum Pharmacy,
273, Jalan genting Klang,
53300 Kuala Lumpur.
Ratings for service : 5 stars
Ratings for price : 5 stars (during my clerkship)... but now 4 stars (had recently increase price on some products)


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haha..nt certified yet ..nt like u..
still long way to go..

xh said...

i'm still not registered though.. also a long way for me.. :) wish both of us luck! gambateh!

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Hey, u looked like a pharmacist dy! Hehe...

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study also gt problem.. haha

Anonymous said...

hey, thank you for sharing your xperience. i am pharmacist-to-be.. all the people in the pharmacy is friendly.

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