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Break time! Friday, 26 Sept 2008

So, it is the end of first half. Now is the 1 week break time (Raya Holiday) be4 second half kicked off right after the breaks end. Means there is NO holiday NO play NO fun. Alright, leave it aside ... should nt talk so long on sad things.. Friday was a day good for some ppl and bads for mosts. As for me, it was still unknown but it seems towards no good based on the response given by others. Well, again leave it aside! So, we decided to go Mid Valley for a movie + walkaround + dinner. I couldn't recall when exactly was my last time to step in there, but glad at least I made it this sem be4 next visit predictable to be another sem. Unbelievable? Believe it! Although the distance just merely 15 minutes drive (nt including the jam), we hardly pay a visit. We may actually go earlier but due to the happiness of our friend, we delayed it to 3 pm. Too bad that it was raining at that time which then predictable to have a longer journey. Upon reaching, we headed to the cinema. There were too many movies to choose. So, we decided to go for 1 day old latest movie, Painted Skin. I had no idea what this movie is all about.. and from the poster, it seem to be in mandarin language. Alright, majority wins! This wasn't my first anyway. Price for the ticket was rm 7 with student card (it's alwiz good to be a student).


This is the best size of copyrighted pic i managed to get
While waiting for the screening time, the gals carry out their duty which is shopping and SHOPPING~~WL bought a new skirt while CW was her 24hr companion. So, where do the guys went? Yea.. no where than the entertainment (games) centre + window shopping + MPH. So, I had my first time ever playing racing car using manual gear. It was first for MF too. He did better as I do not know how to control using the push up and down gearbox. Argg..lost to him this time@! We had fun trying new games besides the all time favourite Daytona. The one that caught our attention and burst us into laughter was a car racing with normal traffic. MF accidentally chose a bus as the vehicle. While you on wheel, there were others cars on the road and at the same time the opposing road as well. Hitting a car is a normal excitement in arcade racing but in this game, hitting will cause a loud screaming of passengers + the loud siren. So, the whole game was like competiting on who get the most scream.. The unclear road pathways + the car speed contribute to the screaM. Alvin was looking for a battery charger. Recommended him to buy 2500 Mah capacity as my 2100 were always run out very fast. He had always wanted to have one but couldn't do so as we have no time to step out from our condo and uni. Well, this Sony charger with 2500 Mah with 4 rechargeable batteries are damn CHEAP! I too wanted to own one but it may takes longer time to come out with the budget. Sigh.

My next target~
Then, we went to the cinema. I was well prepared to read the sub-title as we all strongly believe the movie will definitely in Mandarin language. If not mistaken, the first word said in the movie was Jeneral (in Cantonese). We were then shocked and looked each other into disbelief. Worse still, we need to wait for a long delay be4 second and theafter words are said. I was so surprised! It was really in Cantonese language~ Yea.. no more possibiltiy of falling asleep..haha..
Painted skin is casted by Donnie Yen (Jeneral's wife ex-lovers), Zhou Xun (demon), Zhao Wei(Jeneral's wife) and Chen Kun (Jeneral). Who are them? Haha.. This movie is about a demonic jinn woman who eats the heart of humans to preserve her skin. If not, the skin will be degraded and turns to the actual demon appearance. She then falls in love with a human being namely, the Army Jeneral. The Jeneral has a wive who have been suscipous of the demon background. She tried to tell to the General but he does not believe to his wife. He actually fall in love with the demonic woman but chooses not to spoil his current marriage. The wife had sacrificed herself to drink a vulnerable poison for which the demonic woman promised not to kill her husband and the rests of the people for their heart. Upon drinking, her hair turns white and her skin turns old. She then had to confess involuntary to the people and made them to believe she is the real demon. The demon has an aide, a frog-like beast who is in love with her too. The Jeneral's wife ex-lovers has turn in to help solving the mystery of humans being killed and heart taken away. He is aided by a ghostbuster (Sun Li) whose generations had the ability to catch vampire. The ghostbuster is unable to perform the superpower inherited unless she truly understand meaning behind her job. The ghostbuster presence made some sense of humours in the movie.
Besides, do not said I give you my heart to your lover as in this movie, your heart is really TAKEN away. The moral from the movie is be royal to your loved one. However, does this still apply now? I don't think so preferably there is always an exception to everything which known to follow normal order. That's why we had twins out of thousands single babies. It is more important to give true heart, true love and true sacrifices lacking which will just deviates you!


Oops.. it is my first time to write short review of a movie. Hahaha..
After the movie, we went for dinner. It was close to buka puasa time. So, we left with only few to be exact 3 choices only. We chose Yoshinoya as the queue was shorter plus I had never dine in the restaurant be4. It turned to be a good one. The food was nice and tasty but portion wise the guys complained of a little small. However, with the current inflation and good economic as claimed by the Government, the portion was a standard one. I had a chicken and salmon rice which was served with a drink (100Plus).
Beef and salmon
After the whole day at MV, we decided not to end the day so fast. Perhaps, we shall go for McD as I have the discount vouchers (Chui Wei has it too but as predicted did not bring along, luckily I managed to steal 2 from her earlier in the day). The small McChicken value set costs RM 5.80 instead of usual Rm 9.80 (not inclusive of tax). Isn't it cheap? McD prices are very expensive now yet the queue in the restaurant never ends. Wonder why there are some many rich fellas??

So, we spent about 2 hours ++ sitting there, enjoying our meal and chit chatting about our childhood stories. It's great knowing and sharing each other past experiences as it recalled our 'sweet and sour' memories.

Group photo~~(tradition to have one)

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