Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Holiday ended, new semester begins

yo.. wassup ppl!!! This holiday was the most productive holiday so far. What do I mean by it? First: Gaining weight Now I know why people say that office works namely typist (for me) can make u fatter day by day. This is because you are facing the computer for long hours and less movement. All the fat will be accumulated at your tummy..haha. Besides, I was surrounded with kaki food geng which always ask me to eat. Sigh. =P
Me and Jun Jun
One of the first few words I received from my old time friends when they met was ' Hey, why you didn't changed much? But I think you are fatter now' LOL. According to my sister, my face shape and her son looks alike ==> ROUND. So, when both of us cuts our hair, we looked fatter.
Second: Gaining money As set earlier, I wanted to have a new working experience. I was glad I found something new but was deeply sad entered into a wrong company. Cheap labours + low payment + long waiting payment + what else? The core thing was I will be rewarded with CASH for all my efforts. Third: Gaining new friends Though the second point already a major drawback, I do enjoy my work but not the company. I made new friends in every event and mostly of them were very nice. (except the misbehaved guy, u know what I am saying, don't you?) Forth: Gaining experience Through every event I attended, I learnt something new from my boss, the customers as well as the collegues. The boss really taught me a lot of things which cannot be disclosed here. What else? From the working experience last month, I found out one thing which is quite crucial. When you start working, you have very limited time after works. Once you reached home , you will feel extremely tired and the next thing in mind is your BED. This is very scary as I too experience it. I found no time to blog as well as lost the tendency/urgency/interest in blogging which shocked many of my friends. I slept very early daily usually between 11pm to 12 am. Can you ever imagine me sleeping so early? Upcoming days Haiz new semester begins and its gonna be a tough one. Between, I will slowly blog the happenings in previous month before slowly write on the delayed post like Australia trip. Long long ago story..haha. So, if you want to cheer me up, let's find time and MAKAN together again. Hahahahahhahahahhahaha.


Unknown said...

i wan makan oh!!! u plan ah, KF. arigatou

Anonymous said...

haha seems like a great holiday!
enjoy new semester! =D


KwOnG FeI said...

@vkvun: might be having one hopefully soon

@kenwooi: yea.. great one

Lizz said...

Jun Jun is sooo cute! I just want to pinch his little cheeks. :D

That was good advice regarding hair, though. Some cuts tend to bring out the fullness in your cheeks more, so you can use a good cut to make yourself look fatter or thinner. :D

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