Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oil & Gas Asia (OGA) 10-12 June 2009, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

This was the Asia's biggest oil & gas show which served as preferred oil & gas exhibition for buyers and vendors in Asia Pacific region. More than 100 participating companies from over 50 countries were part of this high profile business event. This 3 days show enabled the traders as well as the public to view some of the latest products and technologies in the oil and gas industry. More info here.
Among the leading local oil companies and industry that participated were Petronas, Aker Solutions, Cameron, Delcom, ExxonMobil, Global Process Systems, M3nergy, Neural Oilfield, Olio Resources, Sapuracrest Petroleum, Scomi, Shell, Siemens, Sime Darby, Tanjong Offshore Services, Technip, UMW and others. Running alongside with the 3 days OGA exhibition, there was Subsea Asia conference held on 11th June with a walk in registration fee of RM 280 per person.
Fei Wen,Sharmin,Carmen,Eveline,Ai Teng,Zul,Nicole,Heather,Kwong Fei
As usual, I was in charged in registration. The above picture showed the complete team members attached to Hall 4 led by Ms Eveline. Front row (from left): Wai Ing, Ai Teng, Nicole, Heather, Fei Wen, Me, Sharmin First row (from left): Zul, B, C, Carmen (I forgot some of the names..lolx)
What happened to Eve head? The one sitting on the chair was the cameraman for us from different hall. Thanks =P Eveline and I Wai Ing and Ai Teng
Seemed happy but we had 3 days run of fatigueness. People was flocking in non stop from the time the registration started till it ended. The climax was the third day of which I had my lunch (the last one) only at about 4.30 pm. I was stationed in a multi purpose counter called Info Counter. I was in charged in doing registration for pre-registered as well as walk in visitors, those who had forgot their code numbers, students and medias. Besides, I had to issue receipt for those who wanted to purchase the Show Directory Book at the cost of RM 10.
Smile everyone The event was very successful as it hit the target visitors of more than 20000 in just 3 days. With the huge number, it was somehow unavoidable to receive complain on long queue and some networking errors.
All these pictures were taken during the last day of the event. I did not managed to visit the exhibition as there was too many crowds at the registration counter. However, I managed to sneak around during the briefing day of which concurrent with the setting up day. We went to celebrate the last day of working at Subway. I had never dine in before and glad to have the very first at Avenue K.
Photobucket Honey oatmeal bread Photobucket Turkey breast Photobucket A very healthy meal indeed. We ordered the Special Choice of the day (different days different choice) of which cost cheaper. The sandwich of the day + a drink cost less than RM 11 including of tax.


Relax said...

waaa the chix are hot.

Anyways, I'm an oil n gas engineer

Shuuu said...

lol i see my uncle's company on the list. I wonder if he was there haha.

Anonymous said...

hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day! http://kantahanan.blogspot.com/

KwOnG FeI said...

@relax: u should attend this event

@shuu: if he is the big shot, sure he did come

@tagskie: thanks for dropping by

Buys Mineral Rights said...

Hope the event was a great success, pics shows that you guys had a great time out there..

KwOnG FeI said...

hey.. it was indeed very successful..
i forgot the total visitors but it was reaching 15 K and above..

yea.. great experience.. those were the days~~

Max Jones | Mineral Buyer said...

Haha subway, nice.

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