Saturday, July 25, 2009

Korean Restaurant, Ampang Point Shopping Centre

This Korean Restaurant is located at F 32, 1st Floor, Ampang Point Shopping Centre. The pair seated as shown should be the owner of the restaurant. Jun Jun, look to the camera!!
He knew we were taking his photo. But, this time he was 'selling high'. Saengson Gu Yie (RM 14) Grilled fish served with rice and vegetable dishes. The grilled fish was fresh and nice. The Korean kimchi special rice SALTY soup I can't tahan the saltiness of this soup. I ask my sister to take it instead to increase her bp. Haha. Duenjang Jjigae (Rm 14) A pot stew of soya bean paste with various ingredients and vegetable side dishes. Not bad but as usual the taste was different from the Asian foods. So, prepare to taste weird. Pha Jeon (RM 13) Pan fried flour with spring onions My sister told me it was a must to eat. I found it like normal fried egg with ingredients. She said the seafood Pha Jeon has a lot of squid and taste nice. Anyway, it was just ok for me. Korean tea It was a complimentary drink with free refill. Again, expect to taste something special. This tea is like oat flavoured with pandan leaves.


DC said...

Wow, all that food is making me hungry!

Puiyee said...

wow..nice korean food..

Anonymous said...

haha...jun jun really cute leh....u like old old
uncle ...wahaha :)

KwOnG FeI said...

si ren tou pig!!
eat u more!

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