Friday, July 31, 2009


So, it was Tuesday and the second week of the new sem when I visited this show . CosmoBeauté Asia 2009 was organised from 13 to 16 July 2009 at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), Kuala Lumpur. It was a last minute plan, a day before before we concluded to visit our fellow colleagues as well as to satisfy the girls excitement on attending this event. The planning for this event was well organised. The 2nd floor was used as registration 'hall' for all the visitors. Then, some staffs were stationed at the escalators to check the forms filled and to do pre-screening. Once reach to a floor higher, the registration counter was beside the main entrance. More 'cones' were placed at the front counter so that the people will queue up obediently. The name tag printed was the biggest so far with approximately 3 x size of the usual one. Guess, the organisers were more rich this time as the cost of the big tag was not that cheap. A minute after I entered, I knew it was wrong idea to come. The girls seemed enthusiated with the ongoing promotion especially the varieties of mask which cost as low as RM 1.5o per piece. Me and Vun just followed the girls doing testing and shopping. Well, it was a real shopping and they did it every year. Quite surprising to us before we decided to walk on our own as the place there was crowded and mobility was a big difficult especially in groups. There were exhibitors, big pavilion from Taiwan and Singapore as well. Lots of female stuffs such as cosmetics, accessories, lipstick, make up powder and etc were on hot sale! Not less than 10 minutes after touring the entrance hall and the above hall, we started to feel BORING. Well, it was extremely boring as I had no idea what to do there beside looking around. There was no seating area and the number of males around there was limited. Finally, we decided to watch a model show but the sad thing was we need to stand all the time. Sob.
Looking to the build up of the two men, the girls started to look at me and asked me to do gym and so on. Well, I were trying hard to diet now and I don't like to do sit up, it was so tiring. Do you know who was the person above? It was Amber Chia doing some 'flagging' with her dress. Haha. Closer look of her. Do you notice any changes to her face. She was actually the main model for a face make up using electronic devices which was the latest technology invented by a Malaysia. The inventor, a man showed his skills in using the device to do the make up on her. Within minutes, the make up was done. Simple, easy and newer way of painting your face for your dinner. These were the models showcasting the newest technology of electronic make up. There was another make-up show by the Korean professionalist running at the same time. However, all crowd went to the previous one. We only came here after the former finished. Evan, Mei Chu, Evelyn, VK, Vun (thanks suk yen for becoming the photographer)
After that, we went to the staff room and chit chat with our bosses. We actually were disturbing them with our jokes and to cheer them up who looked extremely fatigue. Janice was sleeping while Sabrina was enjoying her rest. Simon as usual was attached with his computer. We wanted to leave earlier but instead spent long hours inside as it was raining heavily outside. Thanks Sabrina for stealing my free items. I actually got a pack of samples including collagen mask, face whitener, face cream and so on. The one that drew my attention was the super chilies reshaping cream. I am yet to try it but will do it soon for my growing tummy. Haha. The rests of the free items were stolen by her.
For our lunch, we went to KFC. Decided this place since VK complained that it was my fault for making her cannot eat KFC during the farewell dinner the other day. See her reaction. So happy to be able to eat KFC chicks!
*Why few photos? Our photographer run out of batteries.


Unknown said...

what new technology??? that is call air-brush. using air and dye to spray.hehe. you owe me one

fortywinks32 said...

We’ve been stumbling around the internet and found your blog along the way.

We love your work! What a great corner of the internet :)


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