Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Archidex 2009 : Architecture, Interior Design and Building Exhibition

Organised for the 10th time, this 4 days event was held from 2 to 5 July 2009 and the opening time for the exhibition was from 11 am to 7 pm. This meant that I had to work till late night!
It served as good platform for the students to know more about the industry concerned. For the public, it was an eye opening to have see newest technologies and innovations of various stuffs exhibited all under one roof. For the business traders, it was good platform for them to get new contacts and new businesses. Running along with this exhibition were 3 forums: 1) Green Building Forum 2) DATUM: KL 09 (International Architectural Design Conference) 3) KLDF 09 (Kuala Lumpur Design Forum 09) Hence, it allowed local and international renowned architects and interior designers to showcast their work and design philosophies.
Along the walkway, there were exhibition and information booths as well as some architecture's model display. Left: Nominees for the New Product Award (about more than 52) Right: Islamic city and archicentre model display 2 July 2009; Designers' Day 3 July 2009: Architects' Day There was some special event organised from 3 to 5.30 pm on that particular day. Left: The bubble lift Right bottom: Registration Counter A located at level 3 where I was designated. Day 1: 2 July 2009 As usual, me and my boss~ It was so great to meet Billy at this event after 11 years. He had graduated and is working now. He didn't changed much so I can easily recognise him back. Top: Sabrina, the person in charge for data entry team. Bottom: Astrinee and the working place for data entry typists. There were about 20 typists 'chucked' inside a closed room where there were limited VENTILATION, SPACE and AIR COND. Found a model for that night. Left: She was playing with the alcohol soap which was placed at each entry point to the exhibition. The auto sensor machine will ooze out the alcohol soap when you placed your hands below it just like the hand drying machine in the washroom. It should be one of the A H1N1 prevention. Not only that, the public can actually request for a complimentary face mask if need arise but I don't think they know about it. It was Benny again. For this event, he was incharged of the bar code scanner. Well, my job is to print out name tag with the barcode to the visitors. When you deal with the exhibitors, they will scan the barcode in order to retrieve your information. Hence, it will provide hassle free post event communication as in you no need to fill up your particular again to keep in touch. Benny's job was to collect the barcode scanner from the exhibitors and download the information. As each scanner have limited capacities, he needed to visit the exhibitors quite a number of times. Day 2: 3 July 2009 Due to the too many visitors for this day, I was so busy and key in non stop from morning 11 am till 4 pm ++ before I had my lunch. The crowd was bigger than the Day 1. After my work finish at about 7 pm, I went back early than usual 7.30-8pm. I had a short stop at Hall 1 where I used to visit daily before I rush back home. Our next plan after work was to go Sunway Pyramid to visit the annual Public Health Campaign 2009 organised by my juniors. Thanks to Suk Yen who spoil the plan and we only managed to reach after they had finish packing. I will be posting the event after I get the pictures. Between, Hall 1 was a place to chit chat and hang around as there was no big boss there. Day 3: 4 July 2009 ( My BIRTHDAY!!) Never knew that i will be meeting Jillian after years of knowing each other. Thanks for the birthday present! Appreciate your artworks and your effort~~ She was attending the DATUM: KL forum which cost her RM 160 (without lunch). Between, do enjoy your new life in Australia~~ Peggy and Jillian Can you guess who was this fella? She don't want to take face picture so I took the back instead. Left: Me with Sharmin, Astrinee (gosh, her name sounds like the character in game) Right: Sharmin and the big supervisor, Sabrina. Top: Astrinee and her bf.. oops bf 'lagenda' only.. Rahim Bottom: Sharmin, Ai Teng, Me, Evelyn and Mei Chu aka Leng chu Astrinee, Me and Sharmin The happening team aka ngef x 3 team aka orang kampung. Oh yeah, forgot to mention why I was here. Si Peggy instructed me to stop work around 5 pm and asked me to do data entry at Hall 1, Level 1 with this bunch of crazy fella. Cheap labour..aiks. When I went there, there was no form to be key in so I wasted no time chatting and taking pictures with them. I worked till 7 pm. Since there was too many visitors for this day, the data entry team lack of manpower to finish it. Hence, an additional attractive payment was offered to those other than the data entry team who can do OT (first time they pay OT officially). I didn't go for it as I needed to rush back home to celebrate my big day with my family. Those who worked never knew that they were being cheated to stay up late till 10.30 pm + to finish the data entry. Day 4: 5th July 2009 Every morning, we had to attach the plastic cover with the lanyard. I normally use that time to eat my breakfast. Haha. Cheryl Chan Wan Kah, Kay Shin Yin and Magdelyn. Magdelyn was the supervisor for Hall A and I must said that she was extremely NOISY and always bullied me. Luckily, I had Aaron, my 911. Yap Keen Nam, Aaron Loo and Me We used to chit chat and played around while there was no customers as well as teasing Magdelyn. Top: Yip, me and Christy Lee I will always remember Yip as he had promised me to go yum cha after work but then instead went out with his gf.. Haha..jk only I know girls are demanding. Bottom: Me with Lee Yen, Magdelyn and Aaron, Christy and Xiao Wen GROUP PHOTOS!! Row1 :A, Terry, B, Cheryl, Kwong, Magdelyn, Aaron, Pendi Row 2: C, Shin Yin, ME I am still wondering how this picture is spoil with white spots. Peggy showing off her legs..Any 1 interested? The centre guy was the BIG BOSS in Hall A. Aaron, Yip, Me and Yap We ere the 4 guys at the front desk. Hilmi, Pendi and BIG BOSS For the last day, only 2 computers can be operated while the rests were down with problems. So, I changed my job to become an usherer with the rests. I must said that it was very funny and interesting job. Me and Aaron were busy checking on the visitors' shoes to ensure that they do wear sandal. There were so many classifications and exception cases taught by Xiao Wen and Christy such as the designers look with sandal. Back to this picture, I was bullied again and instructed to do data entry from 12 pm to 1 pm. Again, when I went down to Hall 1, there was no extra forms to be key in. So, what else than taking group PICTURES. I compensated the time used for chatting and worked till 2pm before going up for my lunch. By that time, the computers were ok and can be used. There were about 20 typists divided into different groups. The great team Though we were in smaller team compared to Hall B Registration Counter, we managed to beat them in terms of crowds and number of visitors registered. Good team work!! There were 5 typists (Me, Kwong, Magdelyn, Yip and Cheryl) and 3 assistants (Yip, Xiao Wen and Aaron) at the front desk. Not forgetting, there were usherers outside including the one I remembered, Xiao Wen, Christy, Aishah, Pendi and who else ar? Kwong (if not mistaken) was too shy for a photo and hence there was only one photo of hers. Haha. The fronfdesk team~~(only left out Kwong who if not mistaken was the photographer for us). This picture is a bit blur and looks like a ghost photo. Top: Aaron showing off his skill. He was holding 3 degrees on hand. One is Engineering in UKM, one is degree on rolling the ribbon for the printer and another one is degree in rolling the wyres/cables. Bottom: Picture with our supervisor They were seen to rolling the wyres/cables and calculating the amount. First row: Pendi, Aishah, Hilmi, A, IzzaH Second row: Yip, Yap, me Adding in was Eric. Top: Aishah with the two candidates Bottom: Yip, Izzah, Pendi, Hilmi Group photos More and more people. There were still many people I do not know. After spending quite a long time packing at Level 3, I rushed down to Level 1 soon receiving numerous sms demanding me to help them take pictures. LOL. The data entry team. Not sure whether everyone was in this picture. VK in the middle. I didn't recalled seeing her doing work in previous days. Evan (the middle guy with VK) back in time to take this complete group photo. We were jailed@@!! Like this picture very much and thanks to VK for taking it. The complete negf ngef ngef team aka orang kampung led by Suk Yen. A, Zul, Rahim, Sharmin, Suk Yen, Astrinee, Evelyn, Mei Chu Another group which was a bit silence and less happening. After work, we went for a dinner together at KLCC food court. Aaron and I had McD with appie pie, Suk Yen and few others had Subway while the rests were taking food courts' food. Where was I? I was the one who took this photo. Yip. Suk Yen, Me, Aaron, Evan, Terry, Christy, Mei Chu, Xiao Wen, Evelyn, VK (I will update after I recalled some of the name) The XX girls The XY guys The silence couple..haha..
With that, I ended my 1 month + holiday. It is a faith for me to have bumped into this company 'accidentally' and to have know so many new friends through 4 different events that I had worked for. It was an awesome experience and I had learnt a lot of things. For those who know me, it is nice to meet you guys. For the next semester break, I do not think I will be working for this company again for various reasons. The pay is quite low and not worth with the efforts we put in. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my works and the friends I knew in each single day. Bon voyage!! Click for more on Archidex official website.


yoon see said...

Good sharings and good experience!
Wow! So many photos...it must took sometimes for upload!
It's great to meet different people here and there!
I used to attend regularly to these kind of events when I was in corporate line.

KwOnG FeI said...

yea.. i do this post till 5 am in the morning and woke up around 10 am the next day.
too many pictures to be selected then resize and combine..

bbrian017 said...

KwOnG FeI you’re the man! Thanks for adding all the pics it’s wouldn’t be the same without them!

You know as in too much reading haha!

Looks like you’re having a lot of fun this year! I would love to go to that exhibition.

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