Monday, July 20, 2009

Baking weekends, 18-19 July 2009

As usual, I used up my Fridays and Saturdays to do my PBL (quoted by Woei Yau as Projek Bodoh Lagi) whereas my sis took Saturday and Sunday for a baking session. She personally love to bake and cook. Despite numeorous unsuccessful trials, she will keep try and try until she is able to achieve her desired outcome. As for me, who is a good and dedicated brother, I will always become the guinea pig and help her eat all her products including the successful and unsuccessful one.
Saturday Hazelnut bread The bread was soft and taste good. She was overjoyed. She likes to bake hotdog bun. However, the outcome for this time is not as good as the previous trial long long time ago.
The second batch of hotdog bun. Alright, I must be frank. The first batch was nice. For the second batch, it was so hard and after left for hours, it become harder. The next day, it was totally cannot be consumed. Hazelnut bun? She said she had successful make the one like sold outside. So, on the next day, she told me she wanted to try something new which is adding raisins and chicken floss. Sunday The oven was cooking my blogsite. oh!! In addition, she want to make those raisins and chicken floss small sized bread as well. (is it called puff?) Before heat. Paint the surface with the egg yolks. tah dah.. the baked Raisin Bread After taken out from the mould. a piece of the bread has been taken out for QC and photography. Next was this chicken floss bread. Taken out from the mould. A slice of the bread has been taken out for QC and photography. See so many chicken floss inside. The final product. The small sized chicken floss and raisin bread.
So, how was my sister baking skills? Thought of the day. Somehow, as we grow up, the sibling relationship may be getting closer. However, when any members have their commitment in a relationship with others, they tend to forgot the existence of the established sibling relationship. My sis is one of them. She no longer spend more times with us. So, I was actually quite shocked when she do baking at home. The process is fun, she will focus on her baking while I will focus on my TV and/or laptop. Then, out of sudden, she will scream and ordered me to do variety of things such as get her a CLEAN and DRIED plate, pour the flour for her dough, open the food cans, take the oven and clean it, find the weighing machine, take sugars, taking soda powder and etc. I remembered those days I had to stay till late in the night about 2 am just to accompany her to wait for the baking stuffs to be fully cooked. Although many times were not successful, I still support her by giving her moral motivation. Well, at least she is determined on baking and not like any other 'rich' girl who never been to the kitchen. she really has passion in baking and cooking. For cooking, no doubt her skill is good but for baking, still a bit far away. Haha.


DC said...

Practise make perfect!

A baker in the making! :)

Stanley said...

Good leh you experiement with baking. Keep it going. Lol the last time I baked, my fire alarm went crazy. Seriously, I burnt my batch of cookies =_=

yoon see said...

Yeah totally agree with DC, in due time, your sis. will be a good baker.
Not bad, at least you got to sample something from time to time.

Shu Yi said...

wah....look like breads sell in bakery shop

KwOnG FeI said...

@stanley: fire alarm.. u burn the whose house is it?

@yoon see: yea.. a lot of sampling.. but have the eat those not good one as well..

@ shu yi: if she see this , she will fly to to sky..haha

Anonymous said...

haha..yummy...yummy..u faster learn time treat me eat bread....:) winks.....

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