Sunday, July 26, 2009

McD Olympic Day Run 2009, Dataran Merdeka

To begin with, I was awaiting this run since I knew about it last year. Some of my friends went to the very first of such event and told me the fun they had. For this year, I had no idea about this run and was totally forgot about it. I remembered it was Saturday afternoon (while busy working for OGA) when Wan Nah sent me a sms asking me whether I were interested to participate and to reply her ASAP. Without hesitation, I replied her after I read the sms as she need to register for me before the deadline which was on the next day. TQ so much to her who has been helping me and others to register various run events including this one.
All others except me drove cars from Cheras to Dataran Merdeka. I was back home that time and it wasn't a problem from me to go there from Setapak. So, all the pictures during dawn time was without my presence. I was still on my way waiting for the trains. So, these early birds took picture around and pinned the plain cloth printed with our registration number on the T-shirt. For this year, there was no cap given to the participants.
When I arrived, the sky was already bright. I cut my hair a day before just because of this event. It was much easier and better with short hair. Wui Yan friends' group Small kids lining up for a photo. As early as 7 am, participants were seen already crowded at the starting line. We had to wait quite a long period at about 7.20 to 7.30 am before the official opening of the run. Look at the sky. It was already very bright, only then the event was started. Finally, every one was speeding from the starting line in a bid to beat their own records and to win medals. Huge crowd of people. We were not intend to win anything from this event and hence it was another run for fun event for us. And we managed to stop a while for a photograph while everyone behind was running like mad. Between, Suk Yen did not join for this event due to 'late reply' and was in charge for our official photographer. Thanks so much for helping us to keep this memory alive with these pictures. This would be another category official opening. Run Run Run for your LIFE!! The kids category Somehow, their participation in such event can really give them a lot of exposure. Too bad, I wasn't have the same opportunity those days. Random picture. These people were running towards the finishing line. Spotted on the left was Wui Yan while on the right was Raj. The main target was to reach to this finishing line in the fastest possible time. As you see from the picture, there were 11 categories. After the run, we seated on a covered area on the grass. The reason was to wait for the lucky draws. We waited till long hours before we realized that we need to put our registration number plain cloth to the lucky draw box. OMG! There was no notice or anything and how do you expect to know such way of lucky draw. Before the entry to the waiting area at the starting line, we needed to give our numbered ticket to the person in charged. So, we thought it would be a usual way to pick lucky draws from the tickets. Haiz, waited our time and efforts. Me and the finisher certificate. For this time, I set a time frame of 70 minutes for 7 km. I didn't expect much as I had gained fat recently and did not do any exercise in the previous days. Well, you know.. my time was full with my busy working schedule. I managed to reach to the finishing line in approximately 54 minutes. Thanks God, I'm still alive after long period of runs. Speecless. I did not direct them for this pic. They said they want to take a prisoner picture. Suk Yen, Chie chek, Me and Nicholas Prisoners Jumping high after completion of our run Love this pic.. Glory oh glory!! Raj, CC, Me, Nic and Wui Yan This one was directed by me. Football players style pic by our lady coach, Ms Wui Yan. Do you know what we were doing? We were trying to make the word McD to convey our sincere appreciation to McD for organising such event. TQTQ.
Hope to participate this event again for next year!! After the run, we went to makan at Petaling Street at the claimed famous yong tau foo but a bit expensive located at the wet market. I actually wanted to go for a Starbucks session with them to 'redeem' the buy 1 free 1 voucher complimentary for signing up Digi Campus plan. However, some were tired while some wasn't free to stay any longer. So,no choice that we all headed back home. Since it was long time I never go to Popular Bookshop, I went to the the place and spent some time there. Only then I realised they were having a book promotion with discount from 50 to 70%. Wow, lot of books only costs below RM 20 and some RM 10. While on the search for books, I met with Heather who was so happened to spend her time there during her lecture break time. So, we were discussing on certain topics and then came up to idea to go Starbucks.
Instead of me buying books, I bought these fun learning materials for Jun Jun. Out of sudden, I felt like I was a father. When I see those kids stuff, the first time I will do is look something for him. And it wasn't easy to find one suitable for him as the materials cannot be too deep or too hard too understand or too easy to learn. Between, Jun Jun can read mandarin nursery books at tender age of 3. Bravo.. this kau fu really lose to him. However, I am yet to give him. Starbucks at Kotaraya I ordered Java Chip ice blended while Heather tried the new coffee jelly Frappuccino. For you guys who which to try the new menu, please don't ever try. The jelly is the normal cincau and has nothing special but the price can be higher than normal Java chip ice blended venti. Personally, I don't like to drink coffee with the cream. However, I was forced to eat all those cream as she do not want to be fat. Haha.


bbrian017 said...

Another fun day in the life of kwong. Mc Donald's is always supporting community events I love the company for that but I never eat their food!

Looks like you had a blast! I tried figuring out what you were doing in that one pic but ti was hard I was like what spells MCd LOL

KwOnG FeI said...

haha.. u mean the second last pic.. figuring 3 men trying to form McD
or the last pic aided with another girl..
it was just for fun..haha

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