Saturday, February 7, 2009

Vegetarian Yee Sang with Corn Flakes

Yee sang is no doubt my favourite during the Chinese New Year. Back in a year ago, I used to toss yee sang very frequent from days before CNY till Chap Goh Mei for about 7-8 times. However, this year I do not had the chance to do so as I was away for oversea holiday and only managed to toss yee sang 3 times till now.
On the first day of CNY, me, my mum and 2nd sis went to bai nian at the unofficial brother in law house. He was the one who sent me and my mum to the aiport to catch for a flight in the afternoon. His mother has the practice of eating vegetarian on the first day of new year. So, she cooked a few yummy vege dishes including the char siew, curry and vegetables. But, before that, she said we should toss yee sang which was homemade by her. The yee sang looked alike the one sold outside. Appearance wise A+. Then, the auntie said she forgot to buy yau char kwai to replace the crispy biscuit. Then only I knew that yau char kwai is used in the vege yee sang, a new discovery for me. So, instead of that, she used the Corn Flakes to replace the yau char kwai. I was stunt when I saw her pouring out the Corn Flakes. Am I goin to eat this? I talked to myself in my mind hoping she will pour the Corn Flakes less. This gotta be kidding. So, we started to toss yee sang higher and higher hoping the luck will come to our side this year, hopefully. Then, we started to eat it. And when I tasted my first mouthful of the yee sang, my reaction was was very tasty. I never thought yee sang can be in a good combination with Corn Flakes. We even put more Corn Flakes later on.
Homemade vegetarian yee sang with Corn Flakes
Wow.. it was so tasty... You guys should have try it~
My 2010 CNY's wish: I hope to taste vegetarian yee sang with yau char kwai. Between, the char siew and curry was unbearable to stop eating. It was yummy and looked like the real one.


Unknown said...

i always like to eat vegetarian char siew.

yee sang with yau char kwai or cornflakes? this is totally new to me. how does it taste? but at least it sounds healthier than eating the normal ones (made of flour)

KwOnG FeI said...

with corn flakes, it taste good..
should tty it..
yea i agreeed to you that it is healthier..

xxx said...

cornflakes??? I want honey star :P

KwOnG FeI said...

haha then it will be super sweet..
the sauces alrdy very sweet..

Anonymous said...

tried yau char kwai, very nice

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