Saturday, February 7, 2009

See Bee birthday celebration

It was an early celebration on 17 January 2009, Saturday. After the shopping session in 1U, we headed to CB house at about 530 pm. Then, we waited for quite some time before we started the eating.
The foods for the day
Bottom left: wasabi.. not meant for eating but got another will know as you continue reading..
Top: Me, JY & Tomas were in charged of setting up the fire. This job worsen my cough and eventually lost my voice. (earlier in 1U, sign of lost of voice was already detected)
Top: The guys bbq'ing foods for the dear ladies Bottom right: Although they hold the bbq stick, it does not mean they did the job. Don't be cheated.
After some eating and chatting, the two kids demanded us to join them for a badminton match. Since they lack of additional racquet, MF was forced to play 1 against 2.
After that, we continued eating. Do you see the centre sushi? And do you see the chilis and the garlic? The next thing was game session proposed by Alvin. Each of us was to hold a play card and we cant see it. Then, we have to read out any digit from 1 to 10 and J to K. If we read out the number as on the card we were holding, then it was considered lost. To make the game more interesting and fun and at the same time finished up the sushi, before each person speak out a digit, he/she will 'decorate' the sushi with initially wasabi. Then, later we found out chilis and garlic also wasn't bad. All of us lost at minimum once while the champion were between Xiao You and Tomas. I had lost too but was given the chance to eat a normal sushi with mayonaisse. (hey, i had no voice dat time and need to use finger to say out the number) The final battle round was won by Xiao You and finally Tomas tasted the wasabi and gralic.
The kids Red wine session..cheers!~ Caking cutting session Before that, lets sing a birthday song to the 'aged' girl. Having fun and joy singing in different versions of birthday songs The rows of girls Cb with the guys And I had no idea what we were doing at this time... hmmm? Look at the direction we were facing/pointing. Did you see it clearly? All guys without specs... macho? CB cutting her birthday cake Left: Xiao You, my model for the red wine. haha Right: Cheers~
At sharp 12 am or 0000 of 18 Jan 2009, we sang another birthday song to CB. This was done without her knowledge to give her a surprise.
Touched by us Gifts opening Top: Tired..tired..
And my condition worsen since then. You should remember I went through sickness for 2 weeks. That was just the first week. Sob sob.


Anonymous said...

where the beer for the bbq...haha

KwOnG FeI said...

now upgrade alrdy..
dont drink beer but red wine..xD

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