Friday, February 6, 2009

Bai Nian at xiao you and see bee house

It was another day of bai nian after pn chew's house a day before and 2 days after I reached back to Malaysia. Although not having sufficient rest, bai nian is a must in accordance to the Chinese culture. However, I chose to bai nian with friends than relatives. Haha. There was another bai nian trip to my hometown later at that night. Our first stop was at Xiao you's house. At here, we were treated like VIPs and served with home cooked foods that were yummy.
Special asam laksa made by Xiao You's mum
curry chicken Personalized fried kue tiew for us. We have the choice of 'more spicy' or 'big portion' or 'smaller plate'. Tomas brought aloong his adorable puppy, niu niu. As usual, group photo.
What we did?
Eating, chatting and having fun around. We also played blackjack and xiao you's neighbour won himself a total of rm 30 ++. I can officially declared bankrupt with the huge lost that day and the day before. Sadly also, I was attacked back with flu and cold at xiao you's house. It may be due to the cold floor and air cond. My condition was really bad.
Then, we headed to See Bee house. At here, my condition was even worse. It was cooler here. The nightmare of week of sickness haunted me again. I felt myself a little weak. Alright, put aside my sickness. At see bee house, we were chatting at the dining table. We were served with green tea. I had EIGHT cups of green tea and the effect was so efficient that I went to washroom twice. Besides that, out of expectation, we received four angpows from the married man/woman present in the house. Back to the picture, xiao you was entertaining us with her piano's skills. FYI, she is one of the millions pefect pitch. She can play the whole cord of a song even though it was the first time she heard the music/song. Amazing rite? Currently --> SINGLE. Up for grabs..haha..

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