Monday, February 9, 2009

APAC Communications

How I spent my previous holidays break? As you all know, I was having wonderful time with various outing to the shopping mall, re-branding of my blog and outings with friends. However, I do work as well. Not a month or a week but just only TWO days. Initially, I was planning to work for at least a month in order to get some money to change my current hp. However, the boss, Joan do not have vacancy for that period and only required me to work for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, the 2nd week was my uni re-open week. So, left only 1 week. Just days before to get ready for work, Joan called in and asked me and small Joanne to work only for 2 days from Wednesday to Thursday. We can't work for Friday as we were engaged with the Christmas and New Year party at uni.
Me and small Joanne Ever wonder worked for 1 day and the next day, you started saying 'oh, it is my final day of working'
Ken, Wen Han, Me Wen Han was a new friend for us. We actually worked here previously. Wen Han, Joanne and Ken Me, big Joan aka the BOSS and small joanne big boss and her work station Me and boss These were the work stations for the telemarketing officer to make calls to the clients. And here come my work station with my Adidas beg and Be ready pencil box. Water dispenser for all Left for the male and right for the female
What we do? This is a telemarketing job. However, it is not related to sales. It wasn't new for me as I worked for such similar job in Mid Valley. We make calls to the clients (long lists) and invite them to come for a function organised by the company's client. What requirements do I need? Basically, no requirements are there for this job. What you need is the ability to speak fluently in the phone and relay the message/invitation to the selected clients. The language used is English although Bahasa Melayu and Chinese language may be needed at times. You do not even need to persuade the clients to attend the functions. You only required to make your calls profesionally and enquire whether the clients will attend the functions or not. Simple? Is there any work pressure? Well, anywhere you work, there is pressure/commands/instructions whatsoever from your superior. Once you are in the working environment, you should understand the phrase 'If your boss say your are wrong, it means you are wrong. If the boss is wrong, it is still your wrong.' (i actually forgot the exact phrase i learnt last time..haha) However, I would say the pressure in the working environment, if I were given a scale from 1 -10 with the higner number inidcates the most, in this company is 1. So, any worry? What's the payment? RM 55/day for 8 hours excluding 1 hour lunch time, 9-6 pm Do you wish to find a part time job during your uni breaks? Contact: Joan Chooi Customer Service Manager APAC Communications Sdn. Bhd. 12-1, Jalan Cerapu, 3 1/4 mls, Off Jalan cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur. hp: 012-3262991 Where is it? It is located within 1 km from Jusco Maluri, within 100 m from PGRM and steps away from the DAP Service Centre.

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