Friday, February 13, 2009

Blood donation

Today, I have my third time of blood donation. I almost forgot my appointment with MF as I was busy with my homeworks since I was awake from my sleep. So, we met up and went to uni to donate blood. This is my first time donating blood at UCSI Uni as attempts in the previous 2 years was unsuccessful. It is either the date is Lets have a look to the criteria of blood donation as set by the Pusat Darah Negara which are as follow:
a) Age: 18-60 y.o (written consent from parents/guardians for donor below 18 y.o.) b) Gender: Male and female c) Weight: Minimum 45 kg d) General appearance: Good health e) Medical history: No history of recent illness or history of any medication f)) Minimum 5 hours of sleep g) Haemoglobin level must be more than 12.5g/dl h) The interval between last donation of whole blood not less than 8 weeks i) Frequency: Whole blood donation - minimum 8 weeks provided haemoglobin level >12.5 g/dl
Kim Hua from the School of Nursing who is the organizer for the event greeted me and disallowed me to proceed further as I do not pass the requirement (d). Haha.. It is predicted as I do not take my breakfast (forgot the appointment) and I was statically seated facing the computer to do my homeworks. Hence, I looked pale and energyless. So, I went to have my breakfast who later joined by Vun who happened to be at uni. After filling up the registration form, I then proceed to the blood grouping test. FYI, it is a compulsory for all blood donors to undergo this test despite you already know your blood group during your previous blood donation session. Next is the measurement of your blood pressure by a doctor. The doctor will also verify the information you have written on the registration form and will also ensure that all donors are in healthy status to donate blood. One of the questions in the form which was to be explained and to be verified by the doctor is as follows:
Are you engaged in the following? a) Intravenous drug users b) Persons who have had multiple sex partners c) Prostitutes d) Persons who have had sex with prostitutes e) homosexuals and bisexuals f) sex partners of all above
The MAIN benefit of donating your blood is to SAVE LIFE. The news reported that the country has run out of blood which is vital during emergency cases. Next is to have your blood screened for the following:
a) HIV infection b) Hepatitis C c) Hepatitis B d) Syphilis Some people would say that donating blood can 'clean up your blood'. This is very true as your body will regenerate a brand new blood supply.


Wolf said...

How I wish I could donate blood...

But they just won't allow me..
too much white blood cells... siGh..

Anonymous said...

Dear Kwong,
I read your post and Liked it very much. I am also a regular blood donor and it gives me a kick when I be a cause to save someones life. To extend it further I am working on a website jivandaan in my native language means donate a life. since you are also working in this field. Kindly visit the website and send your comments and specially new Ideas which I can incorporate to make the site more user friendly and effective.
Jagpal Singh.

KwOnG FeI said...

thanx for our comment..
will pay a courtesy visit to your site to know more..

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