Sunday, February 15, 2009

UCSIPSS Christmas and New Year Party 9 Jan 2009

The organising chairperson, Christine and her Vice, Thien Jian.
The refreshment booth Year 1 ju-juniors Year 1 ju-juniors Y4 seniors
Event started with the speech by Dr. Yeong. Well, I was supposed to become the emcee from the very beginning but was then substituted by Christine. It was predicted that I cannot reach to the event at the specified time due to my commitment for my 'work'. After the speech, it was the line dancing performance. The committee did practice hard for this and they even 'imported' the professional service by one of the committee's mother.
After their performance, they then invited the lecturers and some friends to join them for another round of line dancing but this time was to dance together. I actually draft a nice introduction for this event but sadly I couldn't make it. I only able to reach to this event shortly after the introduction which then I took over the emcee job till the end.
Learning step by step
The fun continued with limbo rock. As usual, Tomas who was the defending champion and Melissa with her perfect curve featured this event. Prizes were given to the best 5 participants including Dr. Rao, Alvin and Jason.
After that, it was the game session. I handed over the emcee job to Thien Jian to coordinate the session as I had no idea what they were playing. In this game, a note with a written keyword was stick on one of the person from each group. (The total participants were divided into Group A and B). The rests of the members in each group will have to answer the question by the person who was sticked with the notes until the can successfully guess the written word. The person can asked various questions eg. Are they male or female? Are they actor or singer? wheres one of the members from corresponding group with answer to the questions.
Next, we had the special magic show performance by MR. XX from School of Medicine. This was the show that grabbed the most attention and was the most spectacular. Initialy, he showed his skill in reading one's mind. Yee San was invited to be the guest and was asked to read a page flipped randomly from a book. The magician will then write up the word at the point where she was asked to stop reading. Then, Dr. Chin became the next guest. The magician then showed his skill in disappearing a note through his fast hand movements and fooled the guest that the note was still within grab of his hand. Finally, the most eye opener show was the 'eating' of the razor blade and the thread. Lecturers who sat on the first row were asked to test the sharpness of the razor by cutting the thread provided. The magician then inserted the razor and the thread together. (Dangerous act. Don't try this at home) The outcome later was he took out a thread that linked all the separate razor initially. We were stunt to see the incredible performance~
Then, we have the singing performance by the Songbirds (Thien Jian & Yee San) versus the Queens (Yen Yie & Lee Yen). During the show by the Queens, it was out of expectation that Wilfred joined them and sing together which then led to a loud applause from the audience. So, the final battle was between the Songbirds and the Queens + 1. However, no prizes was given to any to them due to limited budget.
The final event was the singing session by all. The song sang was XXX which was pronounced as XXX.
It was the lunch time and they are served with plain rice, curry chicken, rendang chickejn, vegetables, watermelon and etc. ( I forgot already)
Besides that, we also have the fortune teller biscuits and the gaining popularity sweet (very indeed) cupcakes. (quite expensive)
Photos time The organising committee in red The organising committee + invited emcee which was ME~~


Anonymous said...

wow~really seems nice

KwOnG FeI said...

haha ok la..
the line dancing and magic show were the main attractions

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