Saturday, February 14, 2009

UCSIPSS Christmas and New Year Party Preparation Day, 8 Jan 2009

After having our dinner at Golden Bridge Restaurant, we headed to the MPH for the rehearsal of the event.
UCSI University at night view
MPH with the newly installed red and white cloth Some were seen still playing basketball although at night time. The organising committee were packing the mandarin oranges to be sold on the next day. 1 set consist of 2 mandarin oranges was to be sold at RM 2. spirit of teamwork.. BUT at last minute..hahaha Siew Hoon and her adorable pose..ahemm Kuan Poh came later to become the balloon pumper It seemed hard to use the pumper as the air filled continuously leaked out. The red shirt was me. We were trying hard to test trial blew up a balloon. MALE tag team wasn't worked. Lets have a couple team.
L- TJ the co-chairperson R- Finally, the best way was to blow it up was by your mouth. Haha..There were many balloons remaining. Kuah Poh, jia you~
Well, what I was doing in this picture was to convince the guard to let them practice till the midnight. Initial attempt by Christine, the organising chairperson to talk with them was unsuccessful on the ground that these bunch of organising committee do not have permission letter to stay late at MPH. This guard then came by 10.30 pm to order us to leave the hall together with those playing sports at the hall. I was summoned in to deal with the guard. What an experience to me.. Dealing with the superior of the guard using the walkie talkie was something out of my expectation. Finally, after rounds of talking via walkie talkie and rounds of confusion over what each side was saying (it wasn't clear), they had agreed to extend the stay till 11.30 pm. Another 1 hour to go to kickstart the line dancing training.
So, the line dancing training started. Wilfred, was you praying?
It was funny to see them doing the dancing. Actualy, I did not know what was line dancing until I see their funny performance. Haha..
stylishnya.. Why they always like to dance till the back part of the stage? Come in front please.. Siew Hoon, were you following? Be serious~~! The end..
FYI, I wasn't a part of the organising committee. I was invited to become the emcee of the event. However, I do not know when I had agreed to do so.

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