Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chap Goh Meh Celebration

It was the end of CNY. As usual, a big dinner to celebrate the 'big day' is a must and it was another round of reunion dinner as for my family. Mum took approximately 70-80 minutes to prepare the dinner. Before the dinner, we had the first round of tossing yee sang. It was a vegetarian yee sang with yau char kwai! And my wish of able to taste in the next CNY was fulfilled. (check my previous post) It was a homemade yee sang brought back by my brother in law.
Can you spot the crunchy fried yau char kwai?
As for me, the taste was good as the crunchy yau char kwai do make a good combination besides the usual biscuit. However, I personally felt that the vege yee sang with Corn Flakes do make a better one. Haha..
After that, about 9.40 pm, we had our 'ying siu jit' dinner.
Next, I had a busy time with my mum to select the Australia's trip photos to be developed. Due to high number of photos, we only managed to finish by 1.20 am. I was using my 2nd sis high tech laptop for the selection as well as for my study on that day. The laptop enabled me to surf online while watching Astro. In another way, it do help to protect my eyes of close distance/proximity while do the same thing but in my sister room. I guessed everyone knew about the full moon phenomenon on that day. I will make a post on it later. We enjoyed the time of moon sightseeing together. Do we gamble for the last round? Initially, my 3rd sis do but I did not joined her as I had something to do. After the dinner, none of us were playing as it was too late and they complained of working early in the next day. As for info, my family do play mahjong or 'rami' throughout the CNY with exception of me who was around in the house. At about 11.30 pm, we had another round of tossing yee sang. This time it was not a vegetarian but the usual one with fish. Although it tasted good, we were just too full to fill in further food into our stomach. So, for this year, I had managed to toss yee sang for 6 times. (the lowest record)
The last thing I did before getting on bed was to count the angpows money. It was understood that economic slowdown will somehow affected the 'revenue' in this year. However, I was surprised that the amount contained in the angpows was at average RM5 or RM 10. The final amount exceeded the previous year. Was I dreaming? It seemed to be a real ox-spicious year for me. However, the final amount was not a big amount like any others who easily get hundreds or thousand every year. Well, i am a poor fella. Sob. How about you angpows' money this year?

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