Thursday, September 23, 2010

Amanah Saham 1Malaysia first dividend 6.38 sen per unit

Finally, the much awaited moment has arrived. The expected dividend payout for Amanah Saham 1Malaysia is only 3.7-4%. Many are worried about the outcome of this investment and are in doubt on the potential of this fund since it is just newly launched. For previous article on AS 1 Malaysia, click here for general info and click here for detailed explainations and key data. 

However, all doubts are now answered. Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB) as on 23 September 2010 had announced the first dividend of 6.38 sen per unit for Amanah Saham 1Malaysia for financial year ended 30 September 2010. Official article here.

Gross income up to 21 September 2010 = RM 294.05 million
  1. Sale of shares contributed RM165.47 million or 56.3%
  2. Investee companies contributed RM99.80 million or 33.9%
  3. Investment in short term instruments and other income contributed RM 28.78 million or 9.8%
The income distribution achieved will be automatically credited into unit holder accounts on 1 October 2010. Hence, all account holders can update their accounts at ANSB office or ANSB agents starting from 1 October 2010. However, the income distribution statement and the fund annual report will only be send out beginning November 2010. 

So, to all my dear investors-mate who have been checking my blog for the Amanah Saham 1Malaysia information last year, are you guys satisfied? I'm am sure most of you are very happy and regretted of not purchasing more units. Haha. Who can expect the dividend payout is higher than ASM with 6.3%? 

Will be looking forward this coming 1 October to update my account book~ xD

Happy investing and happy earning!!


CaDLyNN said...

ala..i'm using ASW2020..rugi2..

thomas said...

6.38cents,that's very very high divdend.

Curious-er said...

how actually i calculate the dividend payment tht i'll get? lets say i have RM1k deposit into it, how much i will get the dividend payment?

sorry for the stupid question, i'm new to this kind of stuff...

kelhome said...

good news for investors

Anonymous said...

was jz wondering whether we could top up since the dividend is so high.... hmm...

KwOnG FeI said...

@cadlynn: haha.. wont rugi wan, maybe lower interest rate

@thomas: yeap.. twice the current FD rate

@curious-er: erm it depends on number of days u hold the share..

i nt sure when the last date will be counted.. will it be physical year end of 30 sept or base on gross income up to 21 september 2010..

once we know the final date of calculation, then just x 6.38% per annum

eg rm 1000 x 6.38% x number of days divided by 365

i rmb buying during its first launching date 5 ogos.. so the number of days should exceed 365

@kelhome: yeap... a relief too to know that this fund can progress further

@anonymous: yeap, we can always top up but again as any other investment unit, it depends on availability. based on the recent article, the chinese allocation is totally full but there are slight amount of allocation for malays and indians which can still purchased.. u may try to purchase when u go update ur passbook..

otherwise, we shall wait a new allocation to be injected into this fund

Anonymous said...

Is the 1M still available for chinese category? From my understanding, this fund is open to public right?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Kwong Fei,
Nice to meet you here. I always looking a low risk investment.
ASW2020, 1Malaysia, ASM are good investment with RM1.00 fix per unit.

You can check & try to buy in bank whether still available or not.

6.38% is a good return compare to others, I think a lot people will start grab the balance available unit.

from :

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

should have build the confidence since day 1, and expect more than normal ROI. The main reason being this is the 1st investment tool (open to public) launched by our new PM during that time. How could he let his own project fail? Our economical structure is heavily political based.

should have compare the ROI with others unit trust return instead of current FD rate of 2.75%.

Other trust funds that performed well inclusive of PPB's structured investment (eg Capital Oriental with ROI of 11.38%), HSBC's structured investment with ROI of 7.0% and etc).

However, prior pouring your $, please ensure you know the difference between capital protected and capital guaranteed.


CK TAN said...

at average the dividend they payout is around 6.5-7.5 cents, that is so sad to say it can't beat the inflation. the payout is once a year, not every quarter so I need to lock it for 1 year in there to get the dividend. I want to have more in term of capital appreciation and dividend for every quarter. lucky I found it, so I will invest there too, for PNB i will just leave the money there to growth from time to time

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