Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cannes Tea House @ Jalan Genting Kelang

Jalan-jalan cari makan continue. This time at Cannes Tea House located nearby my house at Jalan Genting Kelang, few lots beside KFC corner lot.

Nicholas, Hooi Hoon, Chie Chek, Chui Wei, Charlene, Siew Hoon, Kuan Poh, Yen Moi, Wee Ling, Wei Kiat

This place was visited by Chui Ling of 1 day 5 meal programme before.

The stairs leading to the premise at first floor.

There have large area for big groups like us.

Let's check their menu. It was so thick! You will be spoil for choices!

Range of set meal which includes main mean + jelly or ice cream at a very reasonable price!

Snacks varieties.

Rice and noodles varieties.

Their specialty, tea varieties.

Smoothies and fruit juices~

You can apply their member card with RM per annum. Privileges includes 10% on all foods and drinks purchased and 20% off during birthday.

Tea session~
Top: Gong fu tea @ RM 12 with choice of jasmine, purple rose, cha wong ren sheng oolong, east beauty, huang jing, zi zhu lan, mi lan xiang, ku qiao mai cha

Bottom: Flower tea @ RM 10 with choice of:

  • Snow raining: Lily, lavender, green tea
  • The Age of Innocence: Bachelor's button, green tea
  • Smiling in the spring time breeze: Lily, sweet osmanthus, green tea
  • In the bygone era: lily, jasmine, green tea
  • Jewels in the crown: Amrigold, bachelor's button, green tea
  • Moonlight sonata: Carnation, green tea

Seen them dealing with the tea. Now, how about asking a professional to teach you how to serve your  tea?

Now, you know?

I couldn't remember the flower tea name. The name is so bombastic for me to recall.

Top: Fried chicken spaghetti @ RM 7.50 ala carte, value set @ 10.50
Bottom: Cheese baked chicken/prok chop rice @ RM 9.90 ala carte, value set @ RM 12.90

Baked Portugal fish rice @ RM 8.90 (Recommended)
Set value @ RM 11.90 with choice of Portugal/ Tom yam - fish/ sotong rice

Chicken chop spaghetti @ RM 7.50

Green curry. Nicholas said it wasn't nice.

Top left: Otak-otak rice (Recommended by Chui Ling)
Top right: Pickled mustard chicken/ pork noodle @ RM 5.50

yum seng!

Group photos!!~~

This place is an usual hangout for secondary school students as well as UTAR-ians. There are varieties of foods offered and their value sets are at affordable and reasonable price. A must to try are their Portugal baked rice, otak-otak and their wide choice of teas. All teas are refillable with hot water FOC.

No.16-1, Jln 2/50C,
Off Jln Genting Klang,
53300 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 016 379 5580, 012 930 2962

Business hour: 11am-11pm


Hilda Milda™ said...

There is really a truckload of variety and the food looks good to me!

Jasmine said...

Looks pretty nice. Next time bring me there for tea please. :)

acura said...

This place look nice, and the portion also quite huge from the picture. Maybe will give a try next time. I don't even know this place existed even though I live so near. Btw, have you grad already Kwong Fei?

KwOnG FeI said...

@hhilda milda: yeap

@jasmine: sure, for a jasmine tea treat? haha

@acura: grad liao lor.. now work as juru ukur tanah..haha

acura said...

Become juru ukur tanah ar, I want to work as that too. Enjoy your time now, as working is very hectic ;)

joven said...

thanks,this is my site be a follower..more wedding ideas!

joven said... how to love more a follower..thanks..

ahnn said...

The food looks delish. I should try them when I come over. The tea session seems fun. Thanks for sharing.

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