Saturday, September 4, 2010

Revisiting Pasar Ramadhan @ Taman Melawati 2010

It's bulan Ramadhan again which marks the coming Hari Raya Puasa 2010! This time I revisit he pasar Ramadhan @ Taman Melawati with my friends.

Murtabak ayam/ daging
 Abang, macam sedap. Bagi aku murtabak ayam satu.

Roti jala, 3 for RM 1.

Nasi kukus ayam goreng berempah @ RM 4.50
Ada juga ikan bakar, nak tambah?

Top: Ayam percik bandar/ kampung
Bottom: Roti John ayam @ RM 3.80, daging @ RM 3.80, campur pun ada, harga tak pasti

Curry puff assorted flavors three for RM 1. Isn't cheap?

We bought Roti John from this stall as it is cheaper and we can choose to buy 'short' instead of 'long'. Pendek satu, bang!

Price list:
  1. Ayam RM 3.70 (long), RM 2.30 (short)
  2. Daging RM 3.70 (long), RM 2.30 (short)
  3. Ayam + daging RM 5.00 (long), RM 3.00 (short)
  4. + mayoinnase @ RM 0.20
  5. + sos @ RM 0.20

Sei Kedah cucur udang (prawn fritters) , 1 set RM 3.00

Kepak ayam madu berempah
  1. Kepak @ RM 1.50 per piece, RM 10 for 7 pieces
  2. Tongkeng @ RM 1
  3. Pedal @ RM 1
  4. Drumstick @ RM 2

Indian delicacies and jus pelbagai buah

Mee kari, laksa Johor dan Malaysian spaghetti bolognese pun ada..

A fully packed pasar Ramadhan, come early if want to avoid being sardined.

Wet popiah


Kuih tako

A must try is this ayam goreng berempah.

Nasi pelbagai lauk

Mee/ nasi goreng. Those days, I used to buy from such stall but now I do not recommend you to buy at here. Getting more expensive and taste not that good.

I usually don't buy drinks at Pasar Ramadhan. You think why-la.

And its time for me to buy my favourite NASI KERABU!! Since some don't eat daging bakar, I ordered ayam goreng.

Too many foods on hand, so did not buy these otak-otak. Perhaps, next time.

A must buy, roti BooM @ RM 0.50 per piece.

Looks good but didn't buy it.

This is the most popular stall to buy the wet popiah. If not mistaken, it is operated by Indian muslims. Usually, there will be a long queue. But, trust me, it is worth to queue up as other stalls popiah is not as tasty as from this stall.

One driver and three makan kakis~

Our foods which costs RM 40 altogether which means only RM 10 per person.

Let's cheeers before we makan! Yum seng~

Alright, it's time to eat!

Busy eating

I'm so glad to be a Malaysian. We get to know, experience and enjoy the varieties of cultures, food, languages etc from  various ethnicity in our country.

We are truly 1 Malaysia. Hurry to your nearest Pasar Ramadhan before Hari Raya comes.

Selamat Hari Raya in advance to all Muslims in this country.


JIPP said...

wow. lots of food. Wonder if u guys managed to finish them out. Yupp, the Pasar Ramadan is certainly one of my fav things comes the fasting period.

Scho said...

I had kain tuala. Looks like a white towel but inside filled with peanuts and coconut. This is where I am. Pasar Ramahdan should make it into the tourism calendar chart and the Ministry of tourism can promote it.

alantanblog said...

Why I like pasar Ramadhan? Got plenty of choice of nice food! :-)

kwpang said...

wow... that's for reminding me of the ramadan pasar, i must go to buy this thing to eat tomorrow....

KwOnG FeI said...

@JIPP: yup .. managed to finish it although very full.. jgn membazir..

@Scho: perhaps, it's a good idea..

@alantan: yup..

@kwpang: hurry before it ends soon~

Neha J said...

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