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Community service project @ Wisma Persatuan Kanak-kanak Khas Sungai Petani, Kedah

Participants of NOGAPS 2010 are very lucky to be able to join this community service project held at Wisma Persatuan Kanak-kanak Khas Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Left- Major (Retired) Chandra
Top right- Thats me reporting as a CNN reporter with my supporters. xD
Bottom right- Participants listenened attentively to the briefing by Major Chandra.

I try to shorten my post but I have to include important information that is vital for the public as briefed by Major Chandra. So, you may expect a bit long story telling. 

Introduction game: Musical chair

Final of the musical chair game 

Students queuing up and getting ready for the games. 

The building is built in 1994 and declared open by Sultan of Kedah. Parents are not charged any money for sending their children here. All the books and stationaries are FREE.

Random photo before the game started. 

There are 10 teachers, 1 cook and 1 night watchman. All the activities here are planned by the teachers through their experience.

Alright, you spotted me!

The total expenses per month is roughly about 18-20 K. However, the Welfare Department only contributed RM 4 per child per school day. Unbelievable right? How can one afford to buy a daily meals with just RM 4?  Most of the money comes from the public donation from varieties of states. Thank God there are good Samaritan out there which are sympathized with their conditions. I'm being engaged with such community service before and I truly understand how hard the management trying their best to source for funding every month. 

There are 68 students/ children in this school. The school is open to students from all races. The youngest children here is aged 5 while the eldest is aged 23. 

The first game is transferring the ping pong ball using the plastic spoon. 

According to Major (Retired) Chandra, students here are not mentally or physically retarded (stunted growth) as they do not have such facilities to equip with the conditions. There are 5 categories of children here which includes:
  • Down Syndrome
  • Autism
  • ADHD Syndrome
  • Hyperactive
  • Slow learning
Students are not divided into classes but into stages of 1-8. 

I forgot how this second game was played. =.=''

According to Major (Retired) Chandra, the teachers here are sympathetic, courteous and patience. If not mistaken, the teachers here are not paid and they worked here voluntarily. 

The third game was transferring water into a bottle through sponge. 

The main objective of this school is to teach the students to be independent. Basic skills oriented education are taught here which are the 3 R (Eng) or 3 M (Bm):
  • Reading        :  Membaca
  • wRiting         :  Menulis
  • aRithmetic    :  Mengira

The teachers here not only teach their students but also feed them for those who in early stages. 

Among the living skills taught here includes:
  • Sewing
  • Bathing
  • Washing clothes using washing machine
  • Cooking
  • Making coffee
  • and others
With these skills, it is aim that the students can utilise it at home and reduce the dependency to their family members.

My groupmates were stationed at this classroom. There were 4 boys and 1 girl. 

Ice breaking with the kids here. 

One thing I observed was that these children need attention and care from others. When you talk with them, they will feel more secure and comfort if you can placed your hands at their backs or shoulders. It was also important to keep eye contact with them and do not divert your attention to other when you speak with them. 

Shamel and xx (forgot yea) were the narrators for the story of 'Alice in the Wonderland' in Malay version. I forgot what was the name in Malay but it was a funny one. We had prepared the storyboard a day before which then presented to the kids. Although they may not seem to understand the whole story but at least they are happy and thrilled with our performances.

Next was the colouring session on the storyboard we had made. I guess this was not part of the planned event but the kids would like to do some colouring upon seeing the colourful storyboard made by my groupmates. My groupmates were really creative person and I only involved in helping them do cutting and pasting on storyboard only. Haha. 

Introducing to you, CIKGU CHIA LAI LEE who was in charged tutoring the students of that classroom at that time. Cikgu Chia has 6 years of experience in teaching at this school. I was glad that I had the opportunity to interview her assisted by Boon Jin. She shared a lot life principles to us.

Breakfast time

According to Cikgu Chia, children nowadays are very demanding. When they see others having certain things, they also demand for it. Children should be taught to be contented to what they have and be happy for it as well as do not compare with others. 

Duty roster which can teach the students to be independent as well as performing daily tasks on their own.

Cikgu Chia also said that most of the people nowadays are wasting their time and always claimed that 24 hours is not enough. She advised that we should appreciate and utilise time wisely.

According to Cikgu Chia, if a child turns bad, it isn't the fault of the child but it is the parents who did not teach the child properly since small. For example, a mother asking her children not to smoke when the daddy is smoking. Parents nowadays only know how to punish children only which is a wrong approach. 

Next, we taught the kids to make a personalised card. 

Cikgu Chia also said that parents must learn how to communicate with their children well. She questioned 'why children don't want their parents'? There must be communication barrier that causes such incident. 

Azry teaching a kid on how to operate a camera. 

Cikgu Chia also said that when people scold you, you should think rationally. You should find out what is wrong and make corrections. 

Me with adik Nazirul, my personalised card to adik Nazirul and adik Nazirul personalised card to his daddy

Her advice was to remember that time is gold. Love yourself, don't be demanding or else you will be suffering. 

Performance time

Cikgu Chia claimed that she is a happy old lady. She has her own family and she said that all the children at this school is her family members as well. She feels happy when she see the kids here are smiling and happy too. 

Started off with performances by representative of Group 5-10. Chui Wei was showing off her dancing skill. phewit!!

Macho men seducing girls?

Student performance 

Performance 2

The closing speech by Major (Retired) Chandra and a souvenir giving to him representing the school. In his speech, he asked the participants to think about themselves and then the society. One should be grateful and contented with the things given by the God. We should not forgot the God and shall contribute back by doing good deeds.

Pictures time. 
Top right: The girl was reluctant to release her hand after taking the photo. I am glad that our visit make them happy and to make them aware that their presence is always notified and not abandoned by the society. 


From this post, it is utmost important for everyone to learn to be grateful to the God on the things being given to them since born. We should be grateful that we are born healthy, have family members and have a place to stay. We should not be demanding too much on luxury, properties, gold, money etc that other may have possess. Instead, we should learn to be contented and repay the sacrifices that our parents had made in growing us up.

At the same time, we should not forget the priviliged children who do not share the same gratefulness that we received. They need our love, concern and care too. If we have additional money, we shall not waste it in buying unnecessary items but instead contribute the money to them for a proper living.

I am glad that such privileged children are being taught to live independently in this school. The activities planned here will make the students to improve their functionality in their family as well as in the society.

I would like to take this opportunity to convey a public service message to all of you. If you have extra money, do consider to donate to charity organisation such as Persatuan Kanak-kanak Khas Sungai Petani. If you are happy and contented with your life and at the same time do not have any occupation, do consider become a volunteer at the school.


Persatuan Kanak-Kanak Khas Sungai Petani, Kedah
Wisma Persatuan Kanak-Kanak Khas Sungai Petani, Taman Nuri
08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah.


JIPP said...

oh wow. What a great charity work you've done there. I've always wanted to do one. Hopefully sometime soon.

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nice work :) u workin in SP now?

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