Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hainan Chicken Rice @ Hock Seong Choon Kopitiam

Our first station at Penang was this Hock Seong Choon Kopitiam located at Penang Road. Not many people are aware of this shop unless you are Penangites.  

If you observe carefully the setting in this shop, it utilises the olden  chairs benches and tables.

Such furnitures are usually seen at HK kopitiam. If you observe carefully again, the bench is a bit low.

Introducing the main meal black soya sauce Hainan chicken rice. The above is a portion for three person. We guessed that this dish originated from Siamese as written on the board. The price should be around RM 5 per person. 

A plate of 'taugeh' compliments well to the chicken rice meal.

This is the 'leong sui' ala Penang style. It is a mixture of 'loh hon kor' and 'chrysanthemum' which cost around RM 1.80. 

Boon Jin, Chie Chek, Yen Moi 

Yen Moi and Me

I would say this black soya sauce chicken is something special and should give a try. However, expect some discomfort on the environment as this place isn't spacious. 

Jalan Penang facing Ibu Pejabat Polis Kontinjen Pulau Pinang

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