Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yo Yo ice @ Jalan Air Panas

Introducing to you tasty, delicious and number 1 yo yo ice which can be found directly opposite the Air Panas wet market.

Their main customers are the two secondary schools located nearby this 'stall'.  

With the boss and her sons (supposingly).

Among the favourites and hot selling are the mango, honey dew, sweet corn and red bean. Actually, all the rest taste good too. You can mix two flavours and the price for mixture is either RM 2.30 or RM 2.70 (if includes kiwi, mango or honey dew).

 Mango Yo Yo Ice; concentrated, lot of contents and not too sweet.

We eat the Yo Yo ice at the public field nearby, sitting on the bench and covered from the sunlight by tall, windy trees.

Eating our Yo Yo Ice~

This field is also the common field used by the nearby SMP (P) Air Panas students.  

Try it -la!


Opposite Pasar Air Panas.


acura said...

Is this the same Yoyo Ice that they sell from a stall now? I rmbr walking all the way form High School for this. Very tasty indeed

Unknown said...

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