Monday, November 26, 2007

The Week of Sports

China Super Series 2007. First and foremost, i'm very lazy to blog plus i extremely exhausted today. However, the gold medal won by our Wong Mew Choo defeating the World No. 1 Xie Xing Fang(Lin Dan's gf) -21-16, 8-21, 21-17- sparked up my energy to write this blog in tribute to her win after 18 years of waiting of GOLD medal in women single especially in China Open Super Series. I felt like kissing her... doesnt mean i like her..make it clear..hahha It's amazing to see hw she played. If you watch the final LIVE, then you would agreed to me. She might be the underdog of the game. However, her determination and the spirit to move on even though knowing she might nt have the chance of winning contributed to her success. As in the tie game, she was left behind 14-16, and if you can see her facial expression, for each rally that she played even though lose of win, she was determined to played the shuttle to her fullest energy. Without fail, she managed to calm herself and collected points after points en route winning the tie match with 21-17. This is wat we called semangat "Malaysia Boleh'. I might nt as skillful as you do, but I believed myself, I dun bother about the crowd who do not support me, I played to my fullest energy and fullest concentration. And that exactly her key of success and her scream of joy soon confirming the last return by Xing Fang which dropped on the 'out' area proved that she has made it!! It's hard to believe but she managed to go thru the hard time to emerge as the CHaMpION...making the crowd in the stadium silence. AHemm.. here comes another different story.. In the men single, Lee Chong Wei was defeated in a highly controversial game to Bao Chun Lai of China 12-21, 13-21. It was nt his best, but wat I observed was he do played well just dat luck wasn't on his side. In the second game, I would say that the winning oppurtunity for him was 50-50. However, due to the OBVIOUS poor line judgement that required the changes of the 'line watchperson' and also the stupid umpire, he was down tamely to Bao. I don't understand why thr wasn't any offical from WBF or the high rank officials who dare enuff to acknowledge the clear mistakes occured as all of them were biased to the host country, China. For the poor line judgement, they din even showed the playback and for some of the playback shown, u can see the clear wrong judgements. Where are the offcials who supposed to correct all dis? In the second game, there was a time when Bao gave a high return in front of Lee net, and as usual wat we and him will do was a powerful smash to opposite field. However, the stupid umpire denied it and called it as a fault as to his judgement, the racquet has passed over the net but it wasn't. No playback for that as to my concern. Lee was very frusfrated too. I dun understand why he dun give a walkover. You may say for the spirit of the game.. but the whole game was biased to him. Hw he supposed to concentrate and to play without motivation? While as usual, Zang Bo the annoying coach barking like a dog at Lee.. He continued to play the game and when you dun hav the spirit, hw are u able to win the match? I think he dun hav the guts like Taufik.. haha.. he is the King of Walkover... Anyway, congrats to him to reach the final of China Open and his willingness to continue the game. I would say Bao's win was nt a true win, it's just a gift for him. Anyway, we will see wat would happen next Wednesday for the Hong Kong Super Series. A1 Grandprix Malaysia. It's a week of sports. I'm switching tv1 and tv2 for 2 diff sports which involved Malaysia. As usual, I alwiz support the nation team. Here comes the update. It was a good start for Alex, but however due to the collision with New Zealand, the race became boring. I am not dat frusfrated over the collision coz its normal in the game. What make me felt unhappy was during the last 3-5 laps, Alex was actually tailing behind Australian team. To my disappointment, he was overtake by 3 cars, from Pakistan, germany and 1 more nation. Hw can he let them to overtake easily.. Hey it was las 3 lap.. u should used ur skill to overtake Australian but instead by being the 6th overall last year in the championship, hw can you be easily overtake?? That was a bad quality of show@!!! Haih... For Chee Hoe, luckily i did not follow u go thr and watch..if nt i would get heart attack~ wise choice..........hahaha ** Pictures will be updated soon when i free la....

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