Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Token of appreciation


Well, if u guys wondering what i have been doin since back from camp..the answer is setting up this blog.. well it took me almost 3days 24 hours to make the blog..it seem simple..but dealing with the html code and inserting pictures are just nt dat easy as u can think of..maybe my skill is nt good enuff..haha..it took at few hours just to adjust the pictures in correct alignment ..dun really know why.. i'm been working this blog asap so that those who went for the camp can view the pictures should u did nt get to see me..i think most of them..dat's y i spent days to work it out..

In making this blog, I would like to convey special tribute to my dearest sifu alina from http://pinkyumika.blogsome.com/ for her guidances for me and also nt being anger with my continous disturb wit lots of questions.. Tq so much.. Thanx to ming fai also for lending me the adobe photoshop..as i cant find the installation cd at home..

TQ very muchie.

Yours faithfully;


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