Saturday, November 17, 2007

Day 3, Friday 15/11/2007 Camp Fire Eagle Ranch Resort PD

Alright here comes the final day.. There is alwiz an end to every happiness or sadness.. In our context, its all the good things.. we begin our day with the PAINTBALL~~~~i'm longing to play since Day 1 also.. The gals from my year agreed that v should go for a match since we haven play be4... even thought our wallet left few ringgit notes, i especially is determined to play and intended to borrow money from others.. Who knows in the next day the gals slept until 10 AM yet nt all of them awake.. We initially planned to go around 9..and dats the time i woke up n get rdy.. So, i hav no choice but to put aside my plan. HmmmM... So, i followed the year 3 and year 4 seniors nt to play bt as a spectacular.. The year 4 seniors' gals are very even they think twice as they are goin against the all guys team from year 3... wat a big difference in comparison to my year' gals. So, the players started off with a short intensive training by the worker... on strategies..the flags...the movement..hw 2 hold the gun.. wat to do when u r hot..and so on.. can u imagine hw suffer I am to be thr and not playing...

The teams are listening to the briefing by the worker...

Here are few shots i managed to took...

1-The battlefield.. 2,3-Teams getting ready with their vest and face protector..

1,2- Year 3..eik..Mun Kit was thr also ' well, this game is nt but i still can.. it's bout shooting.. if i cant really walk, i can craw..dun worry for me'..haha 3-Year 4 ready wit their armors

2-Test shoots 3-Well, dat guy in the pic is mahmood.. he has been shot uncountable times..their teams asked him to fallback..but instead he march to the centre where the flag is located without backup from behind.. their teammates are puzzled...they dunno what should they do..hahah.. from the beginning till the end, he was attempting to reach to their own flag on opposite side but failed..

The OC of the camp...

1-The Fei MOU (fat cat) 2-Year 1 3-My gang at the camp .. we were isolated becoz we are participants..nonsense~

1-year4 2-raj and nic were kissing each other...guess who is husband and who is the wife??? 3-dat sign for??

1-year 1 2,3- The escaped monkey from dunno which Zoo...he's been doing dat in the guys's dorm .. he sleep on top..n didnt use the stair but instead clinging himself between the beds

1-year 3-guys 2-random

1-year3-gals 2-here comes the complete family of year 2-the biggest group..cheers~~ 3-mahmood is alwiz the centre of attraction

Presenting the prizes to the overall 1-led by kuan poh (Pk group)

1-Kuan poh delivering speech..thanx for group 6(my group) who kind enuff nt to overtake them.. haha.. my group was second overall.. 2-Pk giving speech use the hands signals.. 3-Opening their box of prizes..i jus wonder whose box it belongs to??

1-Tomas.. giving his sincere appreciation to all the committee members 2-kuan poh doin the cheers.. 3- chun wei is invited for the cheers.. 1-At last Pk giv his words on the overall of the camp prasing all the comittee members for doin a great job.. 2-The rest listening to the speech 3-thanks giving to ms wong for participating the camp.. Well..dun play play wit her..she's a good driver...the year 3 seniors lost to her in Go kart.. they claimed that she had no errors at all.. bravo!

All the participants listen attentively to the speeches...
GROUP PHOTOS@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

1-Wan nah 2-wei yau3-wei yau & christine

The participants are over exhausted.. most of them sleep while on the way back to Kl. As for me, I like the group photos session very much as it gathers all frens together.. I has become the unofficial photographer since day 1 even though i am the participant.. thanx wei yau for lending his pockets to store my batterries throughout the 3days..i actually prepared 8 batteries for this camp... and it's all finish..(it's rechargeable batteries).. This camp has achieve its objectives in forming a new bond between juniors and seniors as well as strengthening the existing bond.. I get to know closer of my juniors and uni, we r just stranger which the best was merely a greet 'hie' and a smile.. who knows dat we can actually gather and work as a team...The camp has been a memorable for each and evry1 of us.. at least in future, we no longer say only a 'hie' but more than dat.. it's a new frenship that fostered throughtout the camp.. To my fellow friends of OC, u guys done a great job.. i know u guys has been worked hard to come out with the plan bt too bad i cant help much as i was the participant~i hope my 3d almost 24 hours spent on working this blog can help u guys to recall the sweet memories and being stored forever in ur brain..well, i end the entire camp to a full stop.

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