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Day 1, Wednesday 14/11/2007 Camp Fire Eagle Ranch Resort PD

It's holiday time!~ A total of 40 participants and 19 organising comittee members including 2 lecturers, Ms Wong Pooi See (and her daughter) & Ms Wong Pei Nee joined the 3 D 2N camp fire at Eagle Ranch Resort , PD. Most of the organising committe travel by cars while the rests by UCSI bus.(it's proud that my uni has her own bus now). And this time i'm not the part of OC but instead i was one of the participants.

1,2-In the bus waiting for departure
3-Suk Yen And Rajes

1-Cindy, chui wei& wan nah
2-Hui Hoon & Yueh teng
3-The UCSI bus

2-Ms Wong Pooi See n her daughter with Ms wong Pei nee
3-Upon arrival at reception

3-Dickson helping Xiao U who was down with flu

2- Me and Wan Nah
3- Me and motherly like Christine

1-Ming fai, taken while on the way to the archery site
2-Me and Wei Yau
3-Transferring the logs out from the bus

Team work among the guys

1-The reception centre

We were busy taking photos during the site tour ignoring the big group.

2,3- it's nothing but a young horse...

2-The Go Kart circuit

Joining back the main group

Tomas giving speech as the Organising chairman while Jason as UCSIPSS President.

Well, it's me again...
I like this pic very much coz the angle and the background is nice.. It was the restaurant on the background

2- Me and Dickson
3- Tomas giving short briefing

1-Dats group 5-Overdose (Dickson group)
2-MY group,6 -Carlsberg .. v actually got the name coz coincidentally v found a drinking pad bearing the carlsberg as sponsor.. so v sang the melody of the theme song and the group cheer is 'Yala' which means 'Lets go!' in Yamen language

2,3-during the break, v hav ntg to do.. so v keep on venture until v found dis place well equipped with amplifier and mic.. So, wan nah on her excitement started to sing a number of sing...but each attempt was disrupted coz raj or nic or wei yau would switch off the main power..haha

2,3-San San, Melissa n her fren

1,2- The Tepee
3- After tired of walking

1-Raj insisted nt to take photos.. bt dis one is a well planned
2-It's the young house again

2- i found out sumthing special up the tree so i called nicholas for a photo..
3- Next place v found was behind the restaurant where v can actually play ping pong~~Glad that they do provide the bats and the ping pong

3-The Open Barrel where the main event was held

2- The look alike pumpkin..well got interesting story behind
3-Lunch time!~

Eating together..

Telematch- We were required to perform stunts all on the floor such as 5 legs 6 hands, 5butts 4legs and etc. It was quite easy bt quite fun to play..

2-Raj & Nic observing from top
3- Irwinder, cindy and xiao you were seen headache and confused due to lack of 'trained' manpower..u know who i mean usual alwiz blur... they r indecisive over who finished the task first...

2,3- Ming fai, alvin & jee yang demonstrating the tummy game.. U r required to raise up ur tummy as directed by game master..The person who laid on ur tummy will hav to count hw many time ur tummy rise and perform the same action ..The last person has to guess the correct number of tummy rise as directed initially to the first person.. quite a new and interesting game~ however, didnt get to play as the gals feel unsecure...haha

Next telematch is called the caterpillar.. Teams are required to blow the ballon and put it in between the side of their body. Then, they need to move to the end point and since the ballons are easily burst, the movement will be slow just like a caterpillar.

3-I actually blew 3 balloons..coz some of them can't blow it up..we did not manage to do the task as dickson group was fast enough to reach the end point

Butt writing as the punishment.
My team won by giving the
answer 'sharpener' and saved from
being punished. I was a strategy that i discussed with Mahmood earlier which makes the guessing faster

After the telematchs, it's time for us to get to know each other... Only at this time i knew my members name..hahaha

Next activity was the water ballon basketball alike. Instead of a ball, v were given the water ballon. We were required to pass the water balloon to the opposite field where our own goalkeeper was stationed there. Once we get the ballon, we were nt allowed to hold it and run but instead pass or throw it to

1-kuan poh vs chun wei group.. Chun wei nt only a good basketball player bt also a good water ballon player.. it's amazing to see hw he manage to throw up high the water balloon or catch the ballon without breaking it.. bravo!~~

The punishment for breaking the water ballon is yourself being bathed with the water. How come Dickson do the job?

1-Chun Wei group score agaiN!~

The next activity was to grab your frens hands in a group of ppl and try to unlock the chain by forming a circle/ring..It's very satisfying when you are able to form the it's seem hard to unlock when thr is more than 10 persons.. v tried but didn't get it.. v only managed to get a big ring encicrcled with a small ring..any1 tell us wHY? meantime, xiao you frusfrated to try alrdy
and as usual sit aside..

Moving on is the Limbo Rock..iszit correct spelling? If u hav flexible and soft backbone then it's ur game~ i felt pain playing this game..haih maybe due to lack of overall nt bad.. a good contender..haha.. so far Melissa is the best..she can easily curve her abck without diffciulty and she did nt go to any yoga or aerobic class...geng~

1-Tomas performing his stunt
2-Should be min lu
3-I guess this is irwinder???

Mahmood as always is the key player..

The last game of the day was the Treasure Hunt. We hav to solve the clues given and resemble all the pieces of puzzles. This was the best part as it was played at night 'when the sky is dark'. The main problem was that I was wearing a wrong sandals..Initially, didnt run dat fast..quite laggin while Joshua was unseenable. So, i tried to change with jee yang bt he hesitated.. thanx wei yau for lending his sandals that increases my mobility.. It's a real teamwork game where v have to solve the clues given to speed from station to another station. My group was the champion far ahead from other groups!~~but sadly there was no rewards for dat~Soon after that, many ppl ask me why I am seen running here & thr non stop? Well, if nt...then its nt called treasure should be named as slow and steady hunt.. haha.. Besides that, the comittee told us that they actually finished up all the bandages they brought seem that a lot of ppl get injured in this game.. they need to buy a new supply in the following day.. wat a surprise..don't worry.. my group was still okay..and no injuries...

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