Monday, November 26, 2007

genTing KlanG, the foods hub Sunday 25/11/2007

Back to my hometown...hahaha..I called up my fren asking for latest developement around GK.. nt to disappoint me .. thr are few reastaurant newly opened..wats more..Jom maKaN!~

Station one, GK

supposingly to be a banana boat but it end up become apple boat due to run out of stock~

Chicken chop and spaghetti

Me and kim hui.. old buddy. long time didnt get to see him..
He's now a young entrepeneur entering to the world of business while studying. Later during the night, I was able to meet Fremen Chan also joining the same business. Well, he changed a lot but in terms of attitude still the blur type pao~

Bangi kopitiam, Desa Setapak

Well, this place is just like another version of Oldtown.. The interior design and displays give the feeling of oldies..As usual, i will order yin yong ping~

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