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Day 2, Thursday 15/11/2007 Camp Fire Eagle Ranch Resort PD

The Second day~~

1-the gals pose in their dorm

2-Wei yau on archery

1-wei yau

1,2- KF..i nvr play nt bad even though most of them does nt hit..i managed to get a yellow and fews on board.. whho played few times be4

3-At the beach on checking the progress of prepration for later games

All in the gals dorm

3-CB started to telling fairy tales..haha

1-who leg is smoothiest? answer is the guy..Jee yang
2-jason discussing sumthing wit m fai
3-the guys' dorm

1-me, dickson and mahmood
2-lunch timE!~~ fried rice.. i asked the worker for chilis instead they giv me tomato sauces..pandainya..

taken while waiting for the lunch time

here goes all the hungry ghosts...

1-dis my naughty ahemm
2-YUM YUM seng!~~~ i didnt satrted it.. it was dickson i guess
3-the gals wit softer tone.. cheers~

The volleyball match...I been longing to play since day1. Initially, we went thr but the receptionist wasn't around so v thought she/he might nt be on duty so early as that time was around 8.40 a.m. Instead, half an hour later of waiting...the gals are seen playin efficent..thus, v decided to join the gals group.. the guys r separated into halves on each side of field.. ahh right hand was painful/swelling as the result of the game

1-Due to the rising sun, the year 3 stopped playing and they went for a futsal
2-Lunch time agaiN~
3-Xiao you and cindy seem so free to hav dis pic..anyway its a nice pic.

Alright here comes the first game of the day which is the sports game. Thr are altogether 8 games to be completed. Due to yesterday injuries recorded, it's nt a wholly time base games in which time is nt counted from ur movement from station to station but instead based on the time in completing quest at a particular station. woW..dis was the first time I ever played sudoko on the seaside... wonderful!~but due to technical problem i managed to finish the sudoku at the very last minute of the extended 30 minutes given.

1,2- scenic view of the PD
3-The human chain second stop.. we r required to use whatever on ur body to make a long human chain including ur clothes, ur underwear/bra if u hav extra, ur necklace/bracelet, shoes, shoelace, cap, shirts/pants and whatsoever even tissue papers~ seem v r the first group, v hav 2 set the standard high..,v managed to complete two turn length but who knows PK group who brought his bag together won the gamne with 3 turns length

The guys seem naked... while those who wear swimming suit put off their clothes...

2-dats PK group...the champs~

3-The OC who took rest and pose for photo

1-Joshue become the very first superman in the spiderweb game.. he gt injured yet still happy
2-Dinner time

1-Mun Kit..ahemm he's the one i always tease him.. quite a funny guy.. day 1 he injured BOTH of his legs as the skin n the sole was peeled off... Day 2 ..he didnt join any of the sports game but amazingly he injured his left thumb..dunno wat had he done.. initially was thinking to take the sole photo bt he alrdy wore his socks...2bad cant show to u guys~
2-Ms Wong Pei nee delivering her speech during the camp fire...'I hope u huys enjoy' ..v did~
3-The year 2 only participants posing wit Ms Wong

1,2,3- The symbolic ceremony of the camp fire which was the lighting up of the camp fire by Ms Wong..
4- It's me~

1-Participants listen attentively to Ms Wong speech
2,3- Performances by year usual its the Theme song 'Together we Are' and Shining i still can rmb the lyrics but nt for shining friends..

1-Joshua was invited to play the guitar..he is talented..he played guitar for 7 years.. he opened mini concert in the guys' dorm that attracted the forth year gals..
2-The participants sing along
3-Haih..xiao u again?? and cindy

Games time...
3-in this game, u r required to say' honey, I love you. can you smile for me?' those whose caught smile is considered lose..So you actually need to clam urself and resist ur muscle in ur face from contract and relax rapidly.. i do paly this game be4 durring secondary school

The OC were preparing to giv a show to the participants.. but it wasn't.. it's just a short briefing on hw 2 dance

3-Mahmood and Jivan are enjoying themselves with their own dance

2-This group perform the modified makarena dance
3-Nic and raj lead the rest wit a type of dance..dunno wat is dat..i am the beginner..i do help them out leading the dancing part..coz the OC took long time to prepare the Detective game until raj alomost lost his temper.. i shout until lost my voice .....

1-har..the towel man...
2-The EMERGENCY CALL... Year 2 & 3 found it fake when Ms wong said 'We will call Mr Jony to settle some problem'. We being told an emergency had happened that v r required to pack our stafd and goin back to Kl on that particular night..Itsn't sound fake??
3-while others espically year 4 were believed to the planned scene. i as usual took some photos around...

1,2--All are seem tired waiting for the initial group to pack their stuff due to the EMERGENCY
3- me and usual..i' m still energetic for upcoming game...dat time was alrdy 2am ++

1-its emergency time.. n i didn't when n where the guitar come from...
2- these 2 gals r having fun time singing along while joshua was playing the guitar..
3-while the rest keep on waiting..

Well, its time for a photo again...

1-Suk yen and felicia do sing along

2- Suk Yen and jason

3-mahmood wan to join but he dun und wat they r he left in boredom...

Well, those emergency called was actually a detective conan type game where thr are scenes of murdering occur.. groups are required to find out who is the real murderer by looking to the signs of the victims as well as the surrounding environment n the possible murderer... i cant giv much description coz group 4,5 &6 didn't get to play due to unpredictable circumstances... i actually slept very late that night as i was chatting wit wei should be around 4-430 am. guy's talk~

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