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SPA Interview @ Jalan Cenderasari

Do you know that all government servants need to undergo interview before acceptance to the public services? You need to apply through online via SPA official website and a confirmation details on the interview will be sent to your mailing address. Upon reception of the interview confirmation mail, you need to prepare yourself for the interview as well as other important documents.

For those residing in KL, you will need to attend the interview session either at the main centre at Putrajaya or at their old branch at Jalan Cenderasari, KL (around the Tasik Perdana, Taman Rama-rama etc). Once you reach there, you will be asked to sit inside the waiting room located just exactly behind the flag. When the time reached about 7.30 to 7.45 am, then you will be asked to move up to the registration counter at 2nd floor.  

During registration, you will be asked to show the required documents such as original certificate of SPM, STPM, birth certificate etc as well as certified copy of exam results transcript, certificate of attending students from the university etc. You must bring all these documents otherwise you might be scolded or asked to attend the second interview. Once the documents are verified, you will be given a number and a designated interview room. (Room A to E)

There will be other people attending interviews as well so the place here would be 80% filled up. This picture was taken towards the late afternoon so it looked a bit empty. Remember to eat your breakfast or bring your own foods or else you need to walk about 100 m away to the nearest food court centre.

Lee Yen, Shin Ying, Siew Hoon, Wei Jie, Yen Moi, Boon Jin & Xiao You

There were 15 of us attending this interview session including the 7 above, Me, Michael, Ivan, Jee Yang, Meng Fai, Thien Jian, Melissa and Jivanraj. (The last 3 were not in any picture in this post as they left earlier).

Happily taking pictures while others seated at the waiting area were puzzled and looking  eagerly towards us. While they were in nerve wrecking preparing for the interview, these bunch of people were like having another outing here. HAHAHA.

When the Chinese lady turns to be a Malay for one half day~

It was really a new look for us the guys, having to see our dear female friends wearing baju kurung/ kebaya for this interview. I'm not sure about others, but we were required to wear the Malay traditional wear for the interview. Some looks really good while some were happy to cover their oversize shape with this dress. Haha. We can heard them complaining on how they felt 'loose' every single second. Haha. Thank God the guys are not required to wear the songkok and baju Melayu. I myself had wear a baju Melayu before so I do understand on the 'loose' feeling. 

Anyway, it was a good day for them. We are all 1 Malaysia right?

Introducing you the twins, Siew Hoon and Lee Yen. Apparently, they wore a same dress the difference only on the lower skirt? lower part of the dress? they were wearing. So, we got the idea to take some mirror effect pictures.

For both of them, Siew Hoon and Xiao You, I purposely find the lagu rakyat' named 'Ikan Kekek' to resemble the condition they were portraying in the pictures. 


You remember hearing this song during school time?

Alright, the girls in baju kurung/ kebaya in action~

Moving on to the guys. We have Me, Michael, Ivan, Meng Fai & Jee Yang.

Jee Yang, Lee Yen, Yen Moi, Xiao You, Siew Hoon, Meng Fai

Wei Jie, did you feel a lot of meat? Haha.

It's me with Michael, Shin Ying and Wei Jie.

Top right: That was Dasar Pandang Ke Timur. Haha. We need to update ourselves with the current issues to answer the questions that might be thrown to you by the interviewers.
Bottom left: That was called brain storming.

Meng Fai and Xiao You in action.
MF: Let's come play 1 game. I sayang you by action once, then followed by you. Ok?
XY: Ok..sure~
MF (1st action): Let me pinch your chubby face.
XY: (In a displeased feeling..argg that is called sayang???)
XY (1st action): Now is my turn to revenge. I will sayang you by giving you a big slap.
MF: (Piak.. sakitnya). That's not fair.
XY (while holding his tie): What? What not fair? How dare you?

All these pictures were taken upon the waiting number is flashed on the small screen above  the door. By right, upon your waiting number is reached, you will need to enter into the room immediately. However, for them, they took about 10 sec delay to enter to take these pictures.

Michael Wong Chin Hie (not available)

This is what we called bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder characterised by mania (right) and depression (left). She need antidepressant and/or antipsychoticsfor her conditions.

Me reading the Star while Micheal was reading a Chinese daily both of which bought from the food court centre located about 100 m away.

Wei Jie and Shin Ying at the compound of SPA, KL.

Michael and I at the compound of SPA, KL.

With Pn Azlinda representing KKM (should be Senior Assistant Director Enforcement Unit with grade U48) and Senior Officer form SPA

We were so lucky to have met the both interviewers at the compound so we took the opportunity to take a picture with them. We were also had the opportunity to chit chat with them. Both of them were very friendly.

In fact, we actually waited for them for quite some time at the interview room waiting area but they were yet to come out. Only when we were taking the pictures at the main compound, we only managed to meet them. Hard works pay off.. Haha. 

That's all for now. There are a lot of benefits from being a government servant such as 'elaun perumahan', 'elaun COLA', first class hospital service to the servant and his/ her family(depending on grade), maternity leave (I heard guy can apply for 1 week leave?), total leave about 90 days and many more.

For more information, check out their website in the link provided in 1st paragraph.

Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia
Jalan Cenderasari
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-26933884

Thanks for the nang!


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