Sunday, May 30, 2010

McD Breakfast

In this modern era, when one mentioned about having a breakfast, the first thought would be McD Breakfast. It seemed that it is now a trend to go McD so frequent that people just can't live without it. This had replaced the conventional Chinese food courts which served the soup mee, dry mee, curry mee, wantan mee and etc. 

For kids, the main attractions for them will be the playground and the free toys in kids' meals. Though the breakfast meal doesn't offer free toys, they just feel excited to be at McD. For teenagers, they just want an air conditioned place to dine in whereas for adults, the main attraction for them is the premium coffee. 

McD Breakfast menu

I was quite surprised to see flock of people coming in to McD to have their breakfast. The queue seemed to be never end. I must say that the branding & marketing of McD are very successful. Apart form that, the innovation in the menu hits to the needs of the consumers. People now tend to eat less but aimed for good and healthy foods. Those days, I always think that the Chinese food courts is better than the fast food restaurants such as McD. However, when you compared lets say, sausage McMuffin with a bowl of wantan mee soup, how much oil & MSG you consumed in wantan mee soup?  


I am not too fancy of McD breakfast because usually I choose the foods that make my stomach full. Seriously, this is the first time I see the hotcakes as previously I didn't know McD offered such menu.

Little did I know that the hotcakes are served with syrup and margarine. By the way, it was Wee Ling's favourite. 

The McD fans #1!!

I guessed all of us ordered the Sausage McMuffin (all time favourite). I actually ordered the Sausage McMuffin with egg but too bad the cashier wrongly took the order.

These were my luggage for the NOGAPS 2010 in AIMST University. Stay tune for my post mortem report. 

As I always tell my friend, I don't drink coffee. Every time I drink coffee, I will feel palpitation and I just couldn't concentrate. This excludes my favourites 'cam iced'. However, I must give credits to McD premium roast coffee from 100% Arabica beans that made a different experience. Palpitation is still there but the aroma of the coffee make the day!

How about you? 


kenwooi said...

no i wont go to mcd for breakfast =P

SonnyKazu said...

I never been to McD breakfast before... I wonder how the food looks like... Hmm...

jfook said...

I quite like McD breakfast!

FiSh said...

OMG you blogged alot bout Mc D when i see your LinkWithin hahas!

ohmywtf said...

not a fastfood person but have heard good reviews about their coffee too :-)

Che Daisy said...

fastfood breakfast..d food was not bad.but i prefer go to mamak.having roticanai and teh tariik..best2.
simple,delicous and cheap..:D hehehe

Dee Loner said...

McD breakfast is something for a chance, y know, like an escapade from the normal breakfast of wantan mee..

However if i were to choose either McD and chinese shop, chinese shop it is! :)

Chech said...

Hello Kwong Fei,

McD's breakfast can be dangerous for health in the long term due to high calories full of carbohydrates, fat, sugar and salt.

Find out a healthier breakfast choice at

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