Friday, May 28, 2010

Nyonya Colors @ Mid Valley


This place was recommended by my friend. I happened to walk passed this place many times but thought it was just another ordinary restaurant and thus yet to have a chance to dine in. Thanks for my friend or otherwise I will miss out a simple yet great interior design and setting. 


I guessed these are the herbs and spices used during the baba & nyonya time.


I love the settings here. Simple but give a historic experience on those days.


I observed that many photographers like to take picture in black & white as well as serpia. So, I try out serpia. Does that bring any differences/ effects with colour pictures?


Kain pelekat?


Nasi lemak @ RM 2.50


Chinese tea


Lipton tea




Yellow curry laksa @ RM 8.90


Mee Siam @ RM 2.50


Mee Siam with chicken @ RM 8.90
I forgot what the exact name for this chicken but I must say that it taste good. If not mistaken, all the mee or rice with chicken meals cost RM 8.90 and the choice of chicken would be either the above or fried chicken.

If you happened to be here, try out their nasi kunyit too. If you want a light meal, you can try their various nyonya kuih.

LG 230A, Lower Ground Floor
The Gardens Shopping Mall
Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur


jfook said...

Always pass by there, but nv get to try the food.

Borneo Falcon said...

Cool! I might drop by there soon

Nana Lana said...

now i noe i shouldnt b reading food blogs at night. gettin hungry.

shall grab my bites there once i go bek kl. XD

kampunginvestor said...

I have tried the kuihs at this stop. Honestly speaking it is freaking expensive and also not up to the standard.

Sorry to discourage. Maybe it is because i am from Melaka and my standard for such food is very high. ^^

Not only that, i am also a peranakan (Baba). Don't blame me for that ya? ^^

KwOnG FeI said...

@kampunginvestor: haha.. i didnt try the kuih as I know it is indeed expensive. Well, you cant expect much in KL. I do agree the original taste is the best still in Melaka be it the kuih, the cendol and other foods.

ai wei said...

i was here last week. had meesiam, cendol n yam cake. all of them were yummy but the price for the kuih is a bit over

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