Thursday, May 6, 2010

McD Retreat

Heiyo... am writing this short post to make my blog alive from hiatus state. Talking about McD, it is everyone favourite especially during LUNCH hour because the value sets offered are considerably cheap compared to the after lunch hours. However, it is also the most annoying place because it always get crowded and long queue with no seats. I was once need to sit at the kids birthday party room because the Taman Connought branch always full house during peak hours. The interesting part was we had to sit on the short chairs and dining on short tables as well.

Introducing to you my coursemate, Mahmood from Yamen. He is a very rich guy, couldn't recall his father occupation but own a big company back at his country. 

Next, is Teh Wei Kiat aka 'ma fan yau'. He don't yum cha at mamak stall but only at Station One.

Wei Kiat with his chocolate sundae. Apparently, he wanted a con sundae but wrongly order and thus charged RM 3 for this one.

And he loves dipping the French fries into the chocolate sundae.

Mr. and Mrs. Lim.

Another ma fan ppl named Thien Jian, She represented her secondary for basketball 3 x 3. Fui yoh!~

TJ with her happy meal set.

And this is ME with my Ayam Goreng McD Spicy. Do u know which score better between Ayam Goreng McD and KFC Fried Chicken? Check my old post here.

There were lot of other people also but they were too shy to be pictured. This including CC, Lim, Michael, Vun and tahts all I guess.

That's all for now. ONE MORE WEEK FOR FREEDOM!!!!!

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jfook said...

McD spicy crispy chicken supporter here. But you should try Popeye's too. Nice nice

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