Friday, May 14, 2010

Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen @ Mid Valley

Hey readers! Ever thinking of what to eat in a shopping mall beside the usual KFC and McD which are always packed with homosapiens? Why don't give a try for Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen. This restaurant was established in 1972 in New Orleans before is widely established in various countries in 35 years. As in Malaysia, it is quite a new brand restaurant which only available at limited place. 

Yen Moi, Wei Ling, Chui Wei and Siew Hoon

We decided to give a try as we have been walking past this restaurant for uncountable times but yet to try out the food.

Let's have a look into their menu. There are seafood combo, sandwiches and bowls as well as signature side dishes.

Next, there are chicken combo, chicken tenders, chicken meals and super saver meals.

This is their signature spicy mashed potato. My friends claimed that it was a nice one and the best among others in a set meal. What about my opinion? --> scroll down

Wei Ling who did not order set meal ordered the mashed potatoes with Cajun gravy ala carte large. It was an unexpected large portion for her.

Same as for KFC, a set meal comes with a main course, a salad, a mashed potatoes and a cup of soft drinks.

Alright, the most awaited time.. food review. The chicken meat was so so. It was somehow taste plain for me and did not have any specialty. You may taste something different when you eat the skin of the chicken meat. However, when you eat the meat purely, you will find that it is a plain taste. That is a major drawback as the taste of the meat is the major factor in determining the 'wow' factor. In comparison to KFC, their chicken meat is famous for its original juicy scrumptious meat whereas as for McD, their ayam goreng spicy's meat have the taste of the various spices through each bits of the meat.

For the salad, it was nice but still lose to KFC's salad. As for the mashed potatoes, though it offers a new taste (with Cajun gravy) for me which was a spicy which I think I had never eat such thing before, generally it is still not in superior state compared to the KFC' mashed potatoes.

Chui Wei and Yen Moi enjoying their meal. Oh yea, there was a bun biscuit given too. I must say that it was a SALTY biscuit instead. I not sure about others who had eaten it before, but I think it was an awful experience having to eat a salty plain biscuit.

Wei Ling, please open your eyes!!

That's my look in past few months. And that explained the dining experience happened back few months ago. Haha.

Taken at the flat escalator towards the lower ground floor of Mid Valley.

Sometime, we need to taste an awful experience to know what is awful. Haha. I'm deeply sorry for having to criticize the food in such a way. However, I still recommend all of you to give a try perhaps the first and the last.

By the time this post was posted, I was in the Mid Valley cinema watching the 'A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET'. Did I need to inform you that I had completed my final exam? Hoooray!!!


kRaZy said...

I tried before too, I took the original 1, very tasteless actually like what you said. The mash potato not too bad la..and the half biscuit half bun thing hhaha! we didnt finish it =x

jfook said...

I like the mash potatoe! LOL. Quite a supporter of Popeye's though. I think it's better than KFC btw. LOL

Anonymous said...

Popeyes is yummy!! I LOVE IT, KFC? urghhhh... KFC yucks! The quality just drop lately!!!
Popeyes biscuits are the best! Maybe you don't know how to eat it, it is plain because it ure suppose to eat it with the MASH POTATO!

SonnyKazu said...

Wah... what a review on Popeye's!

I should go try it one day! :D

wen pink said...

So Popeye's still lose to KFC right!?

KwOnG FeI said...

@Krazy: i like ur comment.. especially on half biscuit half really looks and taste like a bun and perhaps it is a bit crispier.. then it is called a biscuit? i can't really rmb hw it taste but for sure it is salty..haha

@jfook: my family also claimed the mash potatoes is nice. Ok la..not bad.. at least is something new.

@Anonymous: thanks for ur comment. i really do not know that the biscuit is to be eaten with the mash potatoes. kfc drops? maybe on certain outlets? i do experience having different taste or dining experience in different outlets.

@sonnykazu: yea ..should go and try before you wont have the chance to try. haha just kidding. i am comparing with the fate of the marrybrown restaurant.

@wen pink: i would agree to that.

Spicy Mother said...

KFC standard not only drop recently, it also kena fine for poor hygiene.

I want to try out Popeyes, especially the mash potatoes.

Anonymous said...

Popeyes in Malaysia is absolute rubbish compared to the franchise in the US. Chicken is extra salty..actually most of the items on the menu is especially salty. The americans normally eat fried chicken with biscuits or corn bread. Biscuits are simply scones to the English but what is served here in Malaysia is oddly shaped lumps of salty flaky goo. The Gumbo is even worse. Do yourselves a favour and try Popeyes either in the US or out of the country if its available.

Anonymous said...

well i think the chicken was salty but i can guarantee that popeyes is much better than KFC recently..yes, i did hear comments how popeyes is climbing rapidly..& the services is juz wow! if it's not 1st class service, then i vote it as 1st half class..never see such damn good service at KFC & mcD, but popeyes does.. :)

Preeti said...

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