Saturday, July 19, 2008

Halted journey

Halted journey?...
The journey halted halfway as it begins long time ago just because the traveller is not provided for the shoes which is used to be supplied just for the very FIRST time (failed the very simple test). Despite heading towards a good venture of life and a new world, the traveller chooses to stop as the traveller no longer being pampered. Questions arise, why choose to travel initally? Why can’t find a solution? The traveller should walk on his/her own bare foot in order to reach to the final destination. If the traveller has strong DETERMINATION and WILL as well as CLEAR of his/her aims or targets, a small minor obstacle shall not make him/her to surrender. An obstacle would make a person grow stronger should ones able to overcome it. Furthermore, it was only a first ever test which proven that the traveller is so fragile. The decision is up to the traveller. Should the traveller realized the wonderful of the journey, the traveller shall continue. Perhaps, the following journey might be provided with total attention after all the only one preliminary test has over. The initiative to make actions depends on the traveller.

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