Tuesday, July 15, 2008

America Presidential Debate Style btw Dato Seri Anwar and Shabery

It is aired live at sharp 9 pm till 10 pm. I watched live from tv9, a channel which I do not watch most of the time or never. This debate is a new beginning of free and open platform for the both government and opposition to view their opinions and claims as well as a better way to defend and attack each party.

Stressing on the style of debating, it is a new way and perhaps the first ever involving both parties debating on the ground of well and controlled manner in comparable to the PASAR style in the Parliament. I would definitely agree to this as it is much better approach for the well educated and respected Wakil rakyat to show how they are able to give speech using correct words and most importantly the manner where you will wait a person to finish his speech be4 making yours.

Talking on the contents, i found that shabery do not discuss much on the strong points of the reasons of the recent hike in fuel prices. He made more personal attacks to Dato Seri Anwar on context he led the university students to make protest and he did not help much in restructing the people during the previous recession those days. Also, he claims Dato Seri Anwar encourages demonstration, road protests and only making allegations. The only point that he kept saying was increase in fuel price is a global issue. My question is yea..its a global issue but why increase so many till 40%?

In contrary, Dato Seri Anwar do not spend much time defending himself from the attacks, saying that which I agreed to that the debate was not the right platform to make and answer those cheap publicity attacks. A very strong point of him that make shabery stunt was when Dato Seri Anwar claimed that shabery is the one who led the Semangat 46, a fact that is new to me and interesting to know. I really do not know why the presence government under Pak Lah 'hire' many those unwanted people in UMNO which involve in scandal, chaos and criminal cases previously. E.g. muhd taib, Kj , ku li and shabery himself and many more. In his speech, Dato Setri Anwar stresses more on the comparison on the exporter countries in the world and how the Petronas can gained much higher profits from the increased global fuel price. He also said that if he can forms the government, he would reduce the fuel price step by step as high as 0.50 per litre in early stage. Another way is to reduce the IPP stuffs which i not really know bout it..it's about economics. Besides, he condemned on the repeatitive government efforts to make allegations against him.

On the guest of honours that can be brought by each side, Dato Seri Anwar invited sumbody from Siasah while Shabery inivited sumbody (vice chansellor or sumbody) from UUM. I did not really note down the name and their posts. What i want to comment is that is ok to invite sumbody from the press but how come shabery invited sumbody form malaysian government universities?? This means that there is a close link or relationship btw government universities and the government or cabinet. This is totally wrong that the government is bringing politics into the university. Thus, it explained why UM now is not listed as top universities in the world as it is led by some UMNO politician which is claimed by Dato Seri Anwar. Furthermore, there seem like a bridging or cooperation btw shabery and the UUM GOH when both did not touch much on the oil price increase or making constructive questions but instead both targetted at Dato Seri Anwar and made personal attacks.

Conclusion : Will Anwar be able to form government by september? Will the rakyat continue to suffer with the fuel price increase? If yes, when will it end?

Miss out: If PM Pak lah is to be the debater representing the government, it would be better as we can judge his ability to cope with questions form oppositions BUT every 1 know it wont happened as should it happened, it will be boring, pointless and 'drowsy' leading you to sleep.

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