Monday, January 4, 2010

Cousin Wedding at Pandan Lake Seafood Village

This restaurant is located at Pandan Perdana. Thanks to Google Map for leading the way and no thanks to the super heavy traffic jam at Jalan Tun Razak.
Photobucket The family tree with relatives from my mother side. Such occasion is perfectly nice for Jun Jun to act wild!
Photobucket I think its been a long time I didn't post photo of Jun Jun. Sorry ar.. kau fu no free. Photobucket
Jun Jun met with his friend in yellow. It was unexpected meeting as the di di in yellow was brought here by his friends' mum.
As usual, he loves to eat biscuits, cookies or sweets. Top picture is him eating the Pretzel stick and bottom is him eating the bread. Actually, he was having diarrhea for some time and doctor had advised not to take any oily foods. That's why he was so 'cham' as he can only eat the Pretzel stick and bread throughout the night.
Dad and son~
First dish: The mix combo.
Second dish: Shark fin soup
Third dish: The not so fresh FISH. Eating fish 2-3 x in a week is healthy.
Forth dish: Roasted baby piggy with a very thick fatty skin layer.
Fifth dish: Prawns. Do you know this is the favourite food for Jun Jun? Everytime during dnner, he will ask for 'xia'.
Sixth dish: Mushrooms and vegetables
Seventh dish: Fried rice
Eight dish: Red bean dessert and the below.
Pau and dunno what that is called.
My 2 big biu kor.
My biu mui
My dunno what relationship.
Jun Jun's mom
The younger generation~
Xiao di who does not bath.
I taught Jun Jun a new word on that night. Yum Seng! Wonder why no such photos? I was bringing him away from the function room as he was scared of loud noises. He was so obedient that night that he did not ask for his favourite prawns. This is what he said: 'wo bu shu fu ar.. bu ke yi che ar.. den wo hao liao zhai che kor' Wedding is about the commitment of both parties in a relationship. It also marked a beginning of a new family. May both of the bride and the bridegroom live happily together in their life. Address: Pandan lake Seafood Village, Lot 28, Jalan Perdana 3/8, Pandan Perdana, 55300 Kuala Lumpur.

5 comments: said...

wow, nice food...haven't been there too....
nanged u. nang this to read about how i DO by some1....

Esther said...

Jun Jun is adorable! his hair and smile.. =)

KwOnG FeI said... was my first time visit

@esther: yea.. he is really cute.. btw, today was his first day of schooling in kindergarten~~

Unknown said...

1st dish cukup makan ke? macam so little..

little boy so cute and notty look lah...

KwOnG FeI said...

@Baby: baisa la.. mmg sikit .. have to share share la

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