Sunday, June 27, 2010

UCSI University's Library

The newly renovated UCSI University's Library is now comprising four floors instead of three previously. The classrooms area used to be for A-Levels students had been renovated and become the main entrance and administration unit of the library including the red-spots, CCTV and offices. 

At the Ground Floor aka the main entrance, there is this Self-Check spot beside the counters. Despite trying to figure what it is, we still do not know what is the function of this 'thing'. No where in the library or the UCSI website mention about this erected spot.

OPAC? It stands for Online Public Assess Catalog which is an online databases of books or simply the library catalog. This is meant for students to search and locate the books in the library. The name looks cool, right? Well, actually it is just another spot for you to access the website before logging into the UCSI website account and start searching your books as usual. As seen, you need to stand while searching and even queue up if there are a lot of people. Well, it does has it own purpose as it mainly used for a quick search and not for surfing net purpose. On the latter, you can do so at the computer laboratory. Don't know where? Let me bring you there in a short while.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Block A Canteen @ UCSI University

Early in the morning, we had this presentation skills talk by Mr. Kelvin. However, I was late to attend this talk not because I couldn't wake up but I had an appointment with my condo's agent to fix my unit's water heater. It will not be late should the agent and the repairman could come in time as scheduled. I managed to arrive in time... yea... 15 minutes after the talk started.

Mr. Kelvin (right) received a token of appreciation from Mr. Allan representing UCSI University

As I 'stormed' into the classroom, I was given a special welcome by him and my fellow classmates who clapped their hands. Argg.. It was an awkward moment as not only the students attend the talk but also some of my lecturers.

Mr. Kelvin (right) received a token of appreciation from Jivan representing the Year 4 Pharmacy Students

To be honest, it wasn't an inspirational speech but Mr. Kelvin managed to outlined the important elements of effective communication which were:

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cafe 101 @ Puchong

Today, I would like to recommend you Iced Coffee King, a signature drink at Cafe 101 at Puchong. You will be given a glass of iced black coffee cubes, sugar, milk and hot coffee. To show how to mix the coffee, we have 2 models which are Suk Yen and Wee Ling.     

Saturday, June 19, 2010

BBQ Night @ Suk Yen's House

High 5!! This was me setting the fire for the bbq. This was sort like class gathering en route to graduation very soon in July. Hand of applause pls....(xD)

I was in charged for setting up the fire while our dear Princess watching TV at the living room. Oh.. I was captured from the back without knowledge!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Symposium: Pharmacy.. Leading the wave of change

Pharmacy.. leading the wave of change? This topic may be frequently discussed among the pharmacy students, lecturers as well as pharmacists. The wave of change here reflects the growing responsibilities of pharmacists in health care profession and towards the society. To which extent the change will be, it will be discussed by our honourable guests of the day.

The panels include:
  1. Mr. John Chang, who served as the President of Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) from 1995-2008. Mr. John Chang had given a pharmacy talk at UCSI University on 30th September 2006.
  2. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tham Sock Ying, BSc Hons (Mal), PhD (London).

  3. Mr. Mohamad Hasli bin Ismail, who has 20 years experience in retail/ community pharmacy. He was a graduate from USM.

  4. Melissa Hong Chui Ean, who is now working as PRP in a public hospital. She was a graduate from AIMST University, She was previously the IPSF Liason Officer from 2008-2009 before being appointed as the Asia Pacific Regional Office (APRO) Chairperson currently.
As can seen above, we have panels from different fields for this symposium.
  1. Mr. John Chang representing the pharmacy organisation/ association: MPS
  2. Dr. Tham representing the education field: Post graduate studies/ Research
  3. Mr. Mohamad Hasli representing the community pharmacy: Community pharmacy
  4. Ms. Melissa representing the hospital pharmacy: Hospital pharmacy
Perhaps, we lack a representative from pharmaceutical industry. Mr. John Chang led and chaired the panels.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

AIMST University Tour

Haven't been to AIMST University, Kedah before? Let me bring you for a university tour. 

This is the clock tower located opposite the cafeteria block. The behind I supposed is the library. It was a huge library with multi floors. Don't believe me? Let's move into the building.

Destination: Library

It seems to be a 3 floor library. We need to climb this a bit long stairs to reach to the entrance. The girl tailing behind a big group was Boon Jin. Say CHEESE!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Opening Ceremony of 6th NoGAPS 2010 @ AIMST University

The theme for 'Pharmacy.. leading the wave of change' reflects the growing responsibilities of a pharmacist in the healthcare system and towards the society. The industry has evolved rapidly, bringing new changes to the health profession. This event gives the opportunity to the fellow participants to enhance their social skills and expand their horizons. Furthermore, the participants will gain new experience and friendships through the challenges that they may face during the entire event.  (Quoted by Ms Joanna's speech)

Taking pictures while waiting the arrival of GOH. Each of us was given a thick programme book with coloured cover. I highlighted this as it costs a lot to make such a programme book. Good job to the organisers!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Jalan Cheras Accident - BHP

An accident involving 3 vehicles had occurred at about 3.30 am on 3 June 2010 at Jalan Cheras (near Cheras Velodrome). The chronology of the event as reported in the mass media was as follow:
  1. A Toyota Vios - Vehicle 1 (1 driver & 1 passenger) heading towards Jalan Loke Yew was driven at high speed which later skidded to the opposite of the road hitting Vehicle 2.
  2. A Myvi -Vehicle 2 (1 female driver) spun few times before being hit by incoming Vehicle 3.
  3. A lorry - Vehicle 3 (1 driver & 1 passenger) with loads of vegetables then hit Vehicle 2 before Vehicle 2 burst into flames causing the burning of the female driver ALIVE. 
For many, this is another horrified accident and the worst is the burning to death alive of the victim. It is very sad to hear that.

However, what sparked controversial among the public is the posting of the below FB notes believed to be written by one of the witness (Witness A) who claimed that the life of the female driver could be save should the BHP petrol station's staff lend him a fire extinguisher. In this note, it is claimed that the witness had gone to the said petrol station and the staff refused to borrow a fire extinguisher despite offering to give his IC in exchange of the fire extinguisher. The writer then claimed that the two BHP attendant are murderer!

I believed many of you including me myself had seen such FB posting. When I first read about it, I felt the anger as you do as well.

This is the alleged FB notes posted by the witness. At the time of posting, the FB notes had been removed. The above was copied from a blog.

When I think it over again, the staff did not do anything wrong legally. To have a conclusive views I decided to search news article to justify the notes. 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ice breaking @ NoGAPS 2010

I think the most awkward moment at all times is when you bumped into a group of new friends. You don't know anything about your new friend, neither on them preferences or attitudes. Most of the time you will just stand still and wait for the ice breaking session to be started. While the friendly and out going person will at least communicate with the person on his/her left & right. 

As we entered into this orientation hall, lucky enough that we have a big group that lessen our awkwardness. However, when we were grouped differently and strangers were at all angle of you, you start to be as below:

HAHA.. CAPTURED! I bet most of them have the same feeling that was 'faster start & finish it, I can't stand any longer in loneliness'. It was an usual situation that anyone would face when getting to know new people. Hold on.. the ice breaking games will be started soon~

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