Saturday, January 2, 2010

Four Happy Seasons Restaurant, Wangsa Maju

*Second visit*

Since there was no space in the open area winter season segment, we went into this private room. We were so noisy chatting and playing around till other customers do not dare to enter here. Haha.

Check out the interior design in this private room. You can find differences in every corner. Be it the chairs, the lamp, the wall, the sofa, the curtain and so on.

Taking picture with the expensive patented wall.

Siew Hoon enjoying her cup of tea.

I have no idea what they were doing. Don't ask me.

Thien Jian hugging the soft pillow.

Chui Wei & Wei Ling taking pictures around~

A thorn among the roses?

I have no idea what they were trying to signal.

Here is the night view at the Autumn season segment.

What they were doing? I have no idea.

These was how these girls got enlightenment.

Tada.. it was me~

Group photos.. sob without me~

Yen Moi & Chui Wei with the Autumn plants.

 Group photos. Just went I want to enter into the group, the battery run out. I did not fully charge the battery before coming to this place. Haiya..why didn't you off after my last picture?

*First visit*

 It was an unexpected visit. While driving half way, CY suggested to go to this place. When we walked into the restaurant, CY met his previous tuition teach, Mr Ho Ho Goh. It was a shocking news when we learn he is the owner of Four Happy Seasons Restaurant. He was very kind to briefly introduce the restaurant to us and bringing us around.

He told us that the cost for the renovation of the restaurant was about millions. This was because each corner or segment of the restaurant were specially designed. He spent a lot in hiring reputable chefs as well as spending a lot of time discussing with the chefs on the menu of the restaurant.

Each food typically comes with 3 different type of sauces as Mr. Ho wants the customers to have different choices of taste. Since this was unplanned dining, I do bring my camera but it was run out of battery.

After making our orders, I rushed to CY house to take a charger before returning back. Our food was served already but the batteries she had were also not charged. So, we took some delay in charging the batteries and this caused the food to start freezing as we were in the winter season.

Mr Ho had volunteered to borrow his newly bought camera for us to take the photos. So, we snapped non stop and went home happily. Unfortunately, he did not know how to send those pictures through email. SWT.

One of the top recommendation is this rose with wintermelon tea which costs RM 6.80. The taste is sweet and the rose flower gives a nice aroma. The good thing is refill of hot water is FOC. Other foods we dine were Balinese Chicken Combo at RM 28.80, Vietnamese BBQ combination fiesta, RM 10.00 and Mix Combo Platter, RM 15.80. The portion were big and we had a very satisfying meal. Damage was about RM 30 per person.

Me & CY

See the Adidas jacket CY was wearing. The winter season segment was really cold.. I can say freezing cool. If you cannot withstand it, you can anytime ask the waiter for a jacket. This service is FOC.

The environment here made me feel like at home. It was so comfortable eating while hugging the small pillow. Look at the picture on the wall. Mr. Ho told us that he had spent thousands to patent the picture so that not anywhere else can put the similar picture.

Happy Toilet? As said, Mr. Ho spent a lot of time to make things become creative and something special. To get into the washroom, you really need to figure out the doors as it seem to be a wall rather than doors.

You will need to clearly see the pattern on the doors. Otherwise, you need to push slightly to see whether you hit the door ot not.

The winter season segment is located on 1st floor. Basically, there are two segments. One is open area and this one is sort of VIP room.

This is the Spring season segment. The chairs are in green and is located on the ground floor. 

This is the Summer season segment. It is located right beside the main entrance. The chairs are in red and the landmark is the coconut tree. Yea.. we need to drink more coconut drink to quench our thirst in hot weather.

CY saying bb to this place.

I like this rooftop design bearing the restaurant name. It looks to be a surfing plate and it was colourful.

For an amount of RM 40 in a single receipt, you will be entitled to register as a member. Members will be given a member's card with different type of 4 seasons theme. Each theme card will be given based on a specified period of time.

The card is renewable seasonally. If you spend minimum of RM 40, the card will be auto renewed. Members can get 10% discount for any order spent above RM 40. This discount is not valid for any other promotion and set lunch.

 There is 20% discount for selected birthday cake with minimum expenditure of RM 120. One drink will be given free for birthday boy or girl. For more information and exact menu, check their website here.

4 Happy Seasons Restaurant,
No.9, Jalan Wangsa Delima 1A,
Section 5, Wangsa Maju, 53300 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-41427171, 03-41432626


JRmy said...

Wah... nice view from the restaurant.

Su YSW said...

wow! kf, any maps that can lead me there? hahaha! i wanna go to this 4 season!~~

Kitkat said...

Wow! I like the restaurant very much! Thanks for the address, I'm searching at my Garmin GPS now. I'll definitely give it a try! The place is awesome!

KwOnG FeI said...

@quirky: yea truly nice view especially the autumn.

@Su: you can google for the place..or simply wangsa walk mall.. it is directly opposite the mall.. so long you know how to go carrrefour wangsa maju, then just turn round and round you can find it.. it is near the those day open space area in Carrefour where we can learn driving

@Kitkat: yup.. should really try and do let me know~

Su YSW said...

besides the good view, how is the food rating? hahha

KwOnG FeI said...

@su: the food was good.. the taste is something different from normal..

Su YSW said...

then i should pay a visit there!

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marven said...

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KwOnG FeI said...

yeap marven, u r rite...
dats the place i learn driving too..
too bad if nt mistaken now has been closed for commercial purposes

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