Friday, May 20, 2011

Traffic blackout @ Batu 4, Sandakan

Oops, long time didn't update my blog. Well, there are many stories, foods, places of interest that I wanted to share. However, time is really a limiting factor. I wish I could have more time but in reality, I should focus more on my working commitment.

In this post, I would like to share on blackouts that happen so frequent that it has become a norm to the Sandakan people. I not sure about the whole Sabah, but definitely, in Sandakan, probability of blackout is proproniate to the extend of the downpour. When this happens, there is no traffic police to control the traffic as in  like KL but the motorists just simply cut in and there. That's normal I supposed but in long run, it wouldn't be good as this may bring untoward incidents.

I understand that the electricity supply may not be as functional as in the West but at least there should be a traffic police stationed at busy road should such event occurs. Just my few cents~
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